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reverse mugging

IMF Chopra can see the funny side to this.

After reading Morgan Kellys article in the Irish Times yesterday I cried from embarassment:

    the sole purpose of the Irish bailout was to frighten the Spanish into line with a vivid demonstration that EU rescues are not for the faint-hearted. And the ECB plan, so far anyway, has worked. Given a choice between being strung up like Ireland – an object of international ridicule, paying exorbitant rates on bailout funds, its government ministers answerable to a Hungarian university lecturer – or mending their ways, the Spanish have understandably chosen the latter.

It reminded me of some sort of bizarre reverse mugging, similar to:

    Typically, when a person gets mugged, the perp demands money from the victim, but when was the last time you heard that a mugger put a knife to someone’s throat, took $100 out of his own pocket, and told the victim “you better take this money?”

Imagine Ireland is the panhandler on the ground in the picture above. The IMF walk by and offer him some money. All he wants is the price of a cup of tea but they insist he takes 15000 euros instead. He says he doesn’t need it but they stand on his arm and he relents. The panhandler agrees to take the money. He is initially relieved and he thinks he can get himself back on his feet. He pays some of his debts and the money gradually disappears. Some of his other debtors hear he is back in the cash and come looking but he is broke again. He claims the Jackals made him take the loan but he didn’t want it all. – The Sindo write a sympathy piece about how the money lenders are jacking up the juice. They pay him 100 quid but he has even less dignity due to the publicity. The money lenders are angry that he went to the papers. They come to take his fingers. If they take too many he wont be able to beg. If the dont take enough it sends out the wrong message.

That may be a complicated analogy of the sequence of events but I think it fits. The keystone cops make Ireland looks like a pathetic little bitch. We were strong-armed into taking the cash and now we have the cheek to complain. The half percent tax on pensions is probably the equivalent of half a finger.
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poor pol

Paul ‘honey monster’ O’Connell LOVES Milk. He is behind the dairy farmers and wants to know if you are:

He used to be afraid:

Paul nattered away for awhile on the game, the championship, Munster and Ireland before the topic eventually turned to the economy. He professed to not having had any interest in the subject before this crisis, but now couldn’t get enough of it. Interestingly, he explained that the implosion of the economy was having a profound impact on these players.

He spoke of the fact that, in the past, international players, in a city like Limerick particularly, could have depended on a job in an insurance company, a bank or a car dealership when they hung up their boots, but not anymore.

The giant Irish lock – a man you’d have behind you in any scrap, a man who has faced the haka without flinching, who has stood up to and intimidated the hardest men in international rugby – was afraid. He feared the future. Make no mistake about it: this recession is going to affect us all.

Now he is suing Limerick Man of the Year 2008:

MUNSTER rugby captain Paul O’Connell is suing former Irish rugby team manager Pat Whelan over a multi-million euro property deal in London, which has failed to make the expected financial return.

The Lions captain, 30, is among 67 investors who have lodged a High Court claim against Mr Whelan and his business partner, Pat Chesser. The list of investors includes a string of well known Limerick sporting and business personalities.
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welsh rugby fan fail

Spotted in Croke park lately by feensham.

I think his outfit is based on committed ‘homosexualist’ Daffyd who lives in the Welsh town of Llanddewi Brefi.

Proud to be gay, Daffyd flaunts his sexuality in a variety of rubber outfits, to the villagers’ complete indifference. He refuses to accept he’s not the only ‘gayer’ in the village, and is outraged when fellow gays trespass on his patch.

is ronan o gara fucked ?

Updated photo from RWC 2011.

People are finding this blog every now and again by searching for

“why do people hate ronan o’gara”,
“ronan o’gara drunk”,
“ronan o’gara wife / wedding”,
“ronan o’gara rides your wife”,
“brian o’driscoll ronan o’gara wife”,
“ronan o’gara moustache” (wtf)

Somebody in Australia looked to see if “ronan o’gara is dead”.

It does seem from todays match that he is replacable. I personally think it was a big problem that Eddie O’Sullivan made almost no changes to the side the he inherited from Warren Gatland. This and the fact that there was no suitable replacement for a long time made O’Gara the choice as out half. I have seen O’failing pressure and excelling with a 40 point lead. He is afraid of tackling and of being tackled resulting in the ball never making it far down the line. Nobody except the New Zealand press points out his massive flaws.

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I am off to Cork this weekend. It is the real capital or you could call it the fillet of Munster.


I asked a colleague who recently moved from Cork if there were any issues with what he had just done. He said “of course, they hate you up here and then they hate you back in Cork”. I told him it serves people from Cork right. They abused people from Dublin every time they visited Cork and as soon as the tables are turned they get very paranoid. When nobody really minds them in Dublin they still cant get away from it at home. This never really happened to me. All I ever got was “are you still above in Dublin” and “I don’t know how you can live there” and “its so bloody expensive”.

The peoples republic of Cork with its tongue in cheek asks “Is it acceptable to live in Dublin?”

Only for work – you should not enjoy yourself there and you should socialise within strongly Cork circles to keep up to date on external revolutionary movements. We recognise that it is not the fault of Cork Citizens that they must travel to the pale to find employment or education but rather the oppressive regime that centres everything in the Irish State around the capital is to blame.

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poxegen, the sequel


Unlike many of the people I saw yesterday I did indeed manage to stay conscious and mostly dry and mud free. The choice of options for getting there lead to some confusion. Bus Eireann didn’t feel like bringing anyone to the festival on Saturday and they had given up selling tickets online.

I found out the last dublin bus departure was at 5 from parnell square. Trying to get on the bus I had to remind some conductors who were busy chatting with some drunken nordies that people were standing waiting in the rain.


An hour later I wondered why we were still miles from Punchestown. The gps on my phone would’nt work but I recognised Lucan which is west of Dublin and I knew we were supposed to be going southwest. To make it worse there was a cocaine dealing rugby fool from Cork talking out loud all the way. Duncan was shouting his name into the phone to his friend Vincent who was near some speakers it seems. We had to endure his commentary on the fools and easy mingers (sure how baaaad) he has encountered all over Ireland.

Dublin Bus have decided that the most direct route between any 2 points is a straight line, but that doesnt apply in the daytime. This is the route we took to the festival:


Strangely at 1am they returned the most direct route. Maybe it was their way of justifying 20 euros return. It was still better than what happened to the people in Slane.

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I have been thinking about the concept of exclusivity when it comes to club membership in Ireland. This is following where the streets have no name. defines exclusivity as some of the following:


shutting out all others from a part or share

noting that in which no others have a share

disposed to resist the admission of outsiders to association, intimacy, etc.: an exclusive circle of intimate friends.

admitting only members of a socially restricted or very carefully selected group: an exclusive club.

Catering to a wealthy clientele; expensive: exclusive shops.

Ok, hands up! I am currently a member of an “exclusive gym”. The “exclusivity” like most things comes with expense. I paid over the odds to join. I was primarily motivated by the desire to work out in a bright, clean and spacious environment. My rationale for joining was that I hoped this place would be free from many of the meat head bouncer types I saw in the pay-monthly gyms in town. I had also seen enough briefs and red pubes and aldi bags to last me a lifetime. I was sick of seeing guys inspecting themselves like an Adonis a few inches from the mirror after lifting some lead.

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o gara fail

O’Gara who came on as a sub in the 2nd Lions vs SA test and fucked it up with a mid air tackle gone wrong. I would like to have seen him finish the kick he gave away under pressure.


I will leave it up to the nz herald to do the talking:

“Ireland have been unable to find a quality first five-eighths for years to mount a genuine challenge to Ronan O’Gara. The fact that Argentinian Felipe Contepomi has held down the No 10 jersey for Leinster, the powerful Irish province, is hardly unconnected.”

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Tony ‘Tone’

I heard “Tony Tone” was outraged that I apparently threatened to punch Rocky Elsom in this post: At 3am one morning
Tony Tone was flamin and decided to write his own blog to prove to everyone how easy it is – I am still waiting on the outcome.

This is the same Tony Tone that slept in my bed in my parents house (thankfully I was’nt using it at the time) and he called me “Evil Simpsons Baby”

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leinster fan says:

They played really well yesterday and I was very happy that they won.

Is it any wonder people dont like their supporters with attitudes like this:

Rocky, Rocky, what an absolute legend. Just give him the ball v Munster and make sure y’all follow him to the line. And for Gods sake when dOC, O’Gara and Leamy start mouthing off early on, punch their gob- end of story. Not you Rocky- we need you on the pitch for the full 80

This guy sounds like he needs as punch in the mouth too.


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