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Clare, the Burren, Aran Islands

Powerscourt gardens 5/5/13

irish girl suntanning / supernova

Like a supernova sucking in all the light around it:

Any of a class of violently exploding stars whose luminosity after eruption suddenly increases many millions of times above its normal level. Like novas, supernovas undergo a tremendous, rapid brightening lasting a few weeks, followed by a slow dimming, and show blue-shifted emission lines on spectroscopy, which implies that hot gases are blown outward. Unlike a nova, a supernova explosion is a catastrophic event for a star, leading to its collapse into a neutron star or black hole. Amounts of its matter equal to the mass of several Suns may be blasted into space with such energy that the exploding star outshines its entire home galaxy. Only seven supernovas are known to have been recorded before the 17th century, the most famous in AD 1054; its remnants are visible today as the Crab Nebula. The closest and most studied supernova in modern times is SN 1987A, which appeared in 1987 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Supernova explosions release not only tremendous amounts of radio energy and X-rays but also cosmic rays; in addition, they create and fling into interstellar space many of the heavier elements found in the universe, including those forming Earth’s solar system.

Implosion is more accurate:

Implosion is a key part of the gravitational collapse of large stars, which can lead to the creation of supernovae, neutron stars and black holes.


The Shakedown 2013

from Japlandic / found on NamaWineLake

In society a lady, a prostitute in bed

Katie Price aka Jordan arriving back to her hotel last night from Krystle nightclub in Dublin after being at the Style Awards in Dublin, Ireland.

Fernanda told me this expression. She said it is common to hear in Brazil. As I tried to contain myself after the coolest thing I had ever heard and she added: “in Ireland it looks to be the opposite: the girls can look like whores but if guys talk to them they go crazy and they are really rude and bossy”.

One of her friends told me that they often meet people who think brazilian girls are slutty because sometimes they show them in a bikini at a football match. On the other hand none of them ever get dressed up like this. Noteworthy for them are the times you can see another girls vagina.

The expression is also known as “A lady on their arm and a whore in the bedroom”. I was looking it up and and I came across an article on

There’s an old joke that goes: Good girls say, “No;” bad girls ask, “When?”

It’s the classic dichotomy for the male psyche — madonna vs. whore, Mary Ann vs. Ginger, housewife vs. ho, homebody vs. party girl. Which of the two is better?

As men, we’re instantly aroused by the Pamela Andersons of the world, but inside we know we could never tame — much less trust — a female like this. Instinctively we seek out more normal, down-to-earth women when we’re thinking of marriage and children.

Still, it’s a problem that never goes away. We want the best of both worlds: a princess on the street and a whore in the bedroom. Someone who is nice and treats us with respect, yet who acts like a wildcat in heat between the sheets. So just what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating bad girls and good girls? And is it possible to somehow combine the two types into one perfect woman?

Ireland: before you were hot

I have been looking at what is happening in other parts of the world and then I see what is on TV3 (I know) in Ireland tonight, Friday night. I had not seen the Irish ‘come dine with me’ this but had read about it and was dreading it. They showed the finale of the series and it was in Cork. It is close to being the most tacky shit I have ever seen.

Young girl really hated winner woman and got in an argument with her and accused her of being thick.I think Winner actually confessed to being thick in relation to a separate part of the show. They showed her with food in her teeth and it was an all around classy affair. They even brought out the prize money on a silver tray with a lid and the woman who won it threw the money in the air.

Then came this shite where Irish people thought they were celebrities and/or rich and/or famous (because this is what people obsessed with here). They had Mike Tysons cockney ex-wife and Rosanna in the highest cutting peoples toenails. Vile.

This whole Irish fascination with being a celb can only be described as similar to before you were hot, a website where people look for appreciation for how they are now hot but when younger were ugly ducklings

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry but mountains of ugg boots is just not enough. I am not saying that people are not obsessed with this stuff in other countries but it seems they are in the UK/America/Hollywood/Ireland. I hope we dont infect people in other parts of the world but I have given up hope for burberry addicted China.

Back in the real world my country is pretending to be saving money however nobody believes we are making a serious effort because we cut wages for the “stars” at the national TV station from 600k to 400k (fail).

And in the actual real world:

(no actual footage of helicopter attack)

chill as a cucumber

Some fucking asshole from the food safety authority was on the news yesterday saying:

“The public is being urged to buy Irish in the wake of a deadly outbreak of E coli bacteria poisoning in Europe, which has claimed 10 lives and left hundreds seriously ill”.

Such vile callousness for the people who have died in a lame way. Why not ‘”to be safe don’t eat cucumbers”? We should be sending vegetables from Ireland to thank the Germans for the money they stupidly lent us, twice now and probably a third or fourth or fifth time (like washing and feeding a heroin junkie in rehab who sneaks out every night for another hit’).

I thought it was such a terrible way to go. Terrible until I found out someone in Hong Kong had previously tried to commit suicide by sticking one up his arse:

    A MAN taken to hospital to have a cucumber removed from his bottom told doctors he inserted it in a SUICIDE attempt.
    Chin Wei, 62, claimed the method was a variation of ritual suicide hara-kiri – usually carried out with a SWORD plunged into the belly.
    He was found in a pool of blood by his daughter in Hong Kong.
    Medics said a severe tear to the man’s rear was not life-threatening.


The title of the post is from Pineapple express:

    Red: Why don’t you follow his lead and just chill out, man?
    Dale Denton: I’m chill. I’m chill as a cucumber, man.
    Red: You don’t seem chill.
    Dale Denton: I’m more chill than you.
    Red: You’re more chill than me?
    Dale Denton: Yeah.
    Red: Look what I’m wearing. Kimono, dog. What’re you wearing?
    Dale Denton: A suit.
    (sadly this bit is missing from the video I found)
    Red: Yeah, exactly. I don’t know what’s up with you, but I don’t know if I like you.
    Dale Denton: Well, I don’t know if I like you either

My Boozy Celtic Heroine

Found on!/AllanCavanagh:

“See the print edition of today’s Irish Examiner for a special 20-page supplement on Ireland’s relationship with alcohol”

Photo shows guy glassing his friend, wasted girl in dress with cans, girl puking after an alco pop – its like a night out in anytown ireland – the woman in the middle is a play on lady lavery who was on the old irish bank notes. They are probably cans of harp as opposed to the harp from the bank notes. I suspect the guys are fighting about who gets the one who is less wasted – the other one has to taste puke.

rock bottom

I tried to watch the webcast of Paddy Honohan from the central bank today. When the broadcast started they were still setting up the room and it seemed that they were unaware that people were watching on the internet. The camera was at the back of the room, in the middle behind a few rows of seats. It was 4.30 pm exactly and it was due to start. The mic was on too too and I heard the organisers discussing whether they could get people go down on their honkers. Then they tried to get foreign journalists to move and they were asking “why” and ended up just staying there. Then a woman came in and said they had more people downstairs who wanted to come in.

The video stopped and started a few times and eventually the broadcast started. They had brought the camera into the aisle and it zoomed diagonally close up on face of the leprechaun who runs the central bank.

The news came out that AIB needs another 1,300,000,000 euros. Ah sure no problem.

I was reading commentary on the internet at the same time: I was so embarassed when someone I follow on twitter said:

Someone posted a link to the pdf on the website of the Irish financial regulator. It crashed immediately and I saw this:

This is what the world saw of my country today. The broadcast itself was like some sort of novena or a funeral and was terrible to watch. I think I even saw a plate of hang sandwiches (no crusts) and a pot of tea on the table. They had a bag of sugar and a few cartons of milk too. It looked more like a builders tea break.

In other news, Inda replied to report he was cock of the walk at the EU summit:

no! there was no pick


One of the reactors in Japan has a huge crack down the side of it and radiation was reported in Glasgow. There is 10 times more nuclear fuel at the flood damaged site than there was at Chernobyl.

Six reactors, seven fuel pools and a storage tank total almost 2,000 tons of nuclear material. The reactors alone are storing 1000 times as much nuclear energy as the Hiroshima bomb released in one concentrated dose and include waste that has been undergoing nuclear fission for 3 years.

Other “Black Swan” events are taking place all over the world. Some think the financial crash of 2008 could happen again any day. Some of what has been written about Ireland is not so flattering: seems to be the new Jim Cramer but caters to the conspiracy sector. He is overdoing it a bit here:

As I have been screaming about for 2 years now, those ‘bailing out’ Ireland are MORE BANKRUPT than Ireland (and Ireland it not technically bankrupt to begin with). Had the people of Ireland raised this point earlier – that there is no way they are going to allow for bankrupt entities to use their country’s assets as collateral for a leveraged buyout – I believe they would have gained greater traction against the financial terrorists. But for some reason, Irish people simply don’t question authority, even when the authoritarianism is coming out of the mouths of bankrupt institutions with track records of destroying economies, pilfering assets, stripping equity and lying, cheating, larceny and embezzlement. Write some sad songs you frickin nitwits, you don’t deserve freedom.

One of the comments from what seems a native of Ireland caught my eye on (interesting financial website run by a guy who goes as tyler durden)

Excellent article – although the consumerist nirvana of the 90s and 00s were a nightmare for me – The Irish landscape and inner life has been ripped apart by infusions of credit heroin with little wealth created – unfortunately anybody who tried to talk sence to these drug addicts were greeted with bile and venom.

The one advantage of the collapse is that you can get a ringside seat on the local vultures who sucked the teat of this whore – they are now biting and probing each other as the dead meat is getting scarce.

In many ways the empty financial savannah is a beautiful vista.


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