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RTE Fail Again

The Train wreck that is RTE’s winter schedule continued tonight with the Mario Rosenstock show. He was funny enough on the Late Late show on Friday. His impression of Enda Kenny was a lot funnier than the girl who was interviewed about being dragged out of McDonalds on O’Connell street by the roots of her hair and slashed across the face.

The Sunday Times ripped the shit out of the crap that is “The Republic of Telly” last weekend:

(Click to download 13 Mb Original)

RTE should take some of Alan Partridges Ideas. Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank, Inner-City Sumo and Cooking in Prison would beat “the Obesity Clinic”, “Mattie” or “Life on the Islands”.

The Shakedown 2013

from Japlandic / found on NamaWineLake

whoot there it is

reverse mugging

IMF Chopra can see the funny side to this.

After reading Morgan Kellys article in the Irish Times yesterday I cried from embarassment:

    the sole purpose of the Irish bailout was to frighten the Spanish into line with a vivid demonstration that EU rescues are not for the faint-hearted. And the ECB plan, so far anyway, has worked. Given a choice between being strung up like Ireland – an object of international ridicule, paying exorbitant rates on bailout funds, its government ministers answerable to a Hungarian university lecturer – or mending their ways, the Spanish have understandably chosen the latter.

It reminded me of some sort of bizarre reverse mugging, similar to:

    Typically, when a person gets mugged, the perp demands money from the victim, but when was the last time you heard that a mugger put a knife to someone’s throat, took $100 out of his own pocket, and told the victim “you better take this money?”

Imagine Ireland is the panhandler on the ground in the picture above. The IMF walk by and offer him some money. All he wants is the price of a cup of tea but they insist he takes 15000 euros instead. He says he doesn’t need it but they stand on his arm and he relents. The panhandler agrees to take the money. He is initially relieved and he thinks he can get himself back on his feet. He pays some of his debts and the money gradually disappears. Some of his other debtors hear he is back in the cash and come looking but he is broke again. He claims the Jackals made him take the loan but he didn’t want it all. – The Sindo write a sympathy piece about how the money lenders are jacking up the juice. They pay him 100 quid but he has even less dignity due to the publicity. The money lenders are angry that he went to the papers. They come to take his fingers. If they take too many he wont be able to beg. If the dont take enough it sends out the wrong message.

That may be a complicated analogy of the sequence of events but I think it fits. The keystone cops make Ireland looks like a pathetic little bitch. We were strong-armed into taking the cash and now we have the cheek to complain. The half percent tax on pensions is probably the equivalent of half a finger.
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They’re raping everybody out here

Image from

More embarrassment for the Gardai today as a second report of sex talk emerged but this time one of the Gardai wants to make a video with one of the protestors wives.

On the tape, Mr Monaghan can be heard talking to another protester and referring to a garda wearing a high-visibility jacket immediately in front of him.

Mr Monaghan: “Do you see the XL on the thing — that’s his mouth.”

The response from the man alleged to be the garda: “It’s my c**k and your f***ing wife will know all about it. I hope you’re recording

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They did play the other one on primetime and it sounded like they were having a great old laugh in the car. I drove past a few Gardai this morning and had to stop myself saying “please dont rape me”

“You don’t have to come and confess. We looking for you. We gon’ find you, so you can run and tell until that! Homeboy!” Read more of this post

everyone’s to blame

follow up to lenihan party hard:

At the end of animal farm the pigs became almost identical to despised Farmer Jones

FORMER Financial Regulator Brian Patterson has hit out at the media for being overly gloomy in a speech which saw him blame “everybody” for the country’s economic woes.

Mr Patterson — who led the regulator at a time when banks such as Anglo Irish and Allied Irish Banks were recklessly lending billions to builders — made no reference to the role the failure of regulation had in the collapse of the economy.

He instead suggested that people who had bought houses or shares during that period were somehow responsible for what has happened.

“We were all responsible,” he said several times in a speech that also extolled “our wonderful health system” and a democracy that allows a change of government without military coups.

Mr Patterson, who retired as chairman of the Financial Regulator back in 2008 when Patrick Neary was still chief executive, used a Christmas speech to Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce yesterday to criticise his former employer, the ‘Irish Times’, and several other news organisations for allegedly stoking gloom across the country.

He reserved particular criticism for UCD academic Morgan Kelly, who correctly predicted the collapse in house prices and, more recently, predicted that the number of people defaulting on mortgage payments will jump.

The current chairman of Vodafone Ireland added that he intends in future to avoid negativity, and no longer reads Morgan Kelly, no longer watches Vincent Browne, reads Shane Ross or listens to Joe Duffy.

He sounds as well informed as Sarah Palin.

Now compare him against this guy from England who calls it like it is. His is not stupid enough to blame everyone and Vincent Browne/Morgan Kelly etc in particular. He says it was greedy and corrupt politicians:

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ireland plays heads up poker with IMF

cant read my poker face

Minister for Enterprise Batt O’Keeffe described the situation as being akin to a poker game.

“We’ve got to play poker over the next couple of days to see what cards these people have to play, what exactly they have in mind. We would like to see the colour of their money,” Mr O’Keeffe said referring to any offers of financial assistance from the ECB or IMF.

I wonder if Lenny is playing Texas Hold’em – I hope he knows that any 2 cards can win heads up. Maybe they should have a chaity 45 drive to raise the cash instead.

The wsj has its money on Ireland:

The Irish are a nation of gamblers. The country may be struggling with the burden of a huge government deficit, soaring borrowing costs and a deeply damaged banking system, but it would be dangerous to bet against Dublin winning its high-stakes game of poker with the European Union over a possible bailout.

Ireland’s aim is to secure a deal on the most favorable terms, including, crucially, the retention of its ultralow corporate-tax rate, a potent symbol of economic sovereignty that the minority Fianna Fail government is determined to protect at all costs ahead of next year’s likely elections.

Dublin still has the strongest hand. The first thing in its favor is that no one can force it to accept a bailout; Ireland has to ask the European Union for help. And given that the Irish government is fully funded until the middle of next year, it can in theory drag this situation out for months. If it did that, of course, contagion would likely spread quickly across the euro zone, as Tuesday’s stock and bond selloffs showed, threatening the survival of the common currency. In that sense, Ireland is armed with a nuclear weapon.

In contrast, the EU is armed only with bows and arrows. There is very little it can do to force Dublin to seek an early bailout. The one pressure point is Ireland’s banks, now able to survive only thanks to European Central Bank funding. But so long as the banks are still able to post eligible collateral, the ECB has little option but to continue accepting it, even though its lending to Ireland now totals €130 billion, equivalent to 80% of Irish GDP, much of it in the form of Irish domestic mortgage-backed securities specifically created to meet the criteria for the ECB’s lending facilities. If the ECB were to impose an arbitrary limit on Irish borrowing, it could spark panic across the euro zone. Read more of this post

Irish Pride to blame

The brits want to help us out:

NY Times

The British government signaled Wednesday that it could offer direct financial assistance to Ireland, even though Britain is outside the euro zone, as prospects grew for an international rescue package to avert another European debt crisis.

Irish pride is an important factor, given how long the country and its currency were tied to Britain and the pound

Innocent loaf of bread is the one responsible for Irelands predicament

Belfast Telegraph says:

Irish pride may be its economy’s downfall.

A hand-up, not a hand-out, is the slogan of The Big Issue magazine for the homeless. But whatever way you care to describe it, the Irish government appears determined to resist a bailout from the EU’s emergency funds for distressed eurozone members.

German magazine Der Spiegel says:

“But is there anything to the accusations that the German government is to blame for the latest escalation of the crisis? Because the chancellor wants to see investors as well as taxpayers financing the rescue of a euro state from 2013?”

“If Merkel were to abandon her plans, then it would be paradise for investors and unsolid governments. The speculators could charge high interests on Irish or Greek bonds without any risk of losses. … And the Greeks could continue with their record indebtedness, because they would have no more pressure from the financial markets and in an emergency would be rescued by their euro partners. The euro zone would become a transfer union, to the detriment of the taxpayers, and the euro would soon fall apart.”

I think the answer is clear, we should use this song as our next Eurovision entry: Read more of this post

look at these assholes

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission has received 28 complaints about the behaviour of gardaí following a protest organised by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) last week. Some 25,000 people participated.

unintelligent psychotic mucksavage asshole

If you thought the behaviour of the Gardai was about to change, think again. In this video there are beatings of people sitting on the street, hair pulling, baton charging, dragging of an unconscious person around the place. The Gardai try to drive the people back with horses and dogs and their vans and genearally beat whoever they want. Saddam would be proud of such thuggery. Other countries would be ashamed, sadly the fight for Ireland has been won by the knackers in charge. There is no such thing as due process with these goons, instead it is instant justice, Irish style.

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I saw this on the front of the Wurdeld as it was laying on a table next to me yesterday, honestly, it was in a hotel lobby, I dont know who put it there but like a car crash I couldnt stop looking.

THE Sunday World today lays bare the antics of the revellers behind the party that shocked Ireland.

This is Jason Byrne having fun on a night out on the town, posing in a g-string with a sexy dancer.

The 37 year old, who is facing a drugs charge, was one of the guests who partied as a wallaby was let loose on a packed dance floor last weekend.

If you really want to see the photo of the fat man in the red thong … Read more of this post


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