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doing coke

The price of cocaine varies greatly between rich countries

EVERY year the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime publishes a report with lots of fascinating data on the production and consumption of illegal drugs around the world. This year’s report highlights a few interesting trends: despite all the effort put into the war on drugs, the street price of cocaine in Europe has dropped relentlessly over the past two decades (even adjusting for inflation and impurity). This may explain why Europe is now almost as big a market for cocaine producers as America. The numbers we have picked out below show the variations in price between a selection of different countries, as well as consumption per person in those places.


The graph should really have details of purity to make it clear how bad the coke is in Ireland. Eamon Dunphy complained in a interview that “you can’t get good coke in this town”

Smoking weed, smoking weed, doing coke, drinking beer.

gadaffi , viagra, rape

diary of a turkish delight addict

I imagine someone was unwrapping their chocolate to indulge in their secret addiction. They were like Charlie Bucket looking for the golden ticket. They dropped it on the bathroom floor and probably cried. If they were a heroin fiend they would not have cared.


saturday night: sex, steroids, strippers, stalking

I realise the title of this post is bizarre. It says something about my interests, perceptions and the company I keep however all of those things aligned to make Saturday an odd day for me.

The sex bit involves the Brian O’Driscoll mask. It is more of an implication of sex so keep your dirty thoughts to your self for just a minute. The background is that I was watching the Leinster match in a suburban pub near where I live. We arrived late and found seats in the smoking area. There were some of those masks on our table and a woman came over and asked “do you mind if I take one for my husband”. I said “oooh, dangerous”. She knew she had dropped the ball (bad pun). I didn’t want to cross the line with a complete stranger and tell her that I though she wanted her husband to wear it in bed that night. As she was leaving she said “it is really for my nephew”. I suggested she should takes two, she laughed at least.

Later on we went to a fashionable bar. A beefcake I recognised was stopped outside and was not getting in (he takes way too many steroids). As I was discussing the situation with my friend in the smoking area a drug fiend came up to us and asked us if we had any pills. He was asking because my friend knew him from home. My friend answered “you junkie! ask some young guys instead”. He said he was going to a party nearby after. Then he walked to the corner and started empty retching on the ground. There wasn’t even any bile in his stomach. The DJ was playing everybody’s drinking. It was odd that this moment seemed to be a nexus between the two worlds depicted in the video. Good times.

Stripper: I spoke with a girl who I talked to for a few minutes once before. I asked her what she does and she said “at the moment, drinking”. I said “and during the week what do you do” and she said “I walk around”. We decided that this cryptic answer could only mean she was a stripper.

Stalking: I noticed some people who I know are in the habit of adding their location on Facebook. I know they have to intentionally do this but with some of the Facebook glitches what is to stop your app going rogue and automatically checking you into wherever you go. I wondered how they would feel if I went to where they were and took a photo of them or maybe with me sitting at their table if they left for a cigarette or to use the bathroom. I could then go home and upload it and tag them. To make it even more creepy this should be achieved before they had even left where they were checked into. While thinking about this sordid plan I shared a thought with a friend. I told him that my worst nightmare is that instead of typing someones name into the search box on facebook that I type it many times into “whats on your mind” instead.

are you high ?

DRIVERS will next month face stringent US-style roadside tests for drugs, the Irish Independent has learned.

Gardai will be able to check drivers’ eyes for dilated pupils and carry out other physical co-ordination tests.

The tests, commonplace in America, will also include ordering a driver to stand on one leg and walk in a straight line.

Motorists who pass the drink-driving breath test and appear intoxicated cannot currently be checked for drugs at the roadside.

But the scourge of drug driving has become a serious threat to lawful road users and the crackdown is designed to make the roads safer. Other checks on steadiness will include having drivers open and shut their eyes to detect possible drug use.

Sounds like an open and shut case. I wonder what they would think of Dale Denton: Read more of this post

dj ray: we are not all off our heads on cocaine

Tonight is Gerry Ryan night on RTE. There is nothing else on according to their website except for tributes to him.

He gets more air time than Jesus!

Christmas eve on Ireland’s Daily Mail:

His words seem to imply that almost all djs are off their heads on cocaine.

let it snow

I don’t really have anything interesting to write about at the moment. I have a lot less time than before due to being busy with new job, coupled with what felt like jetlag every evenings after work. I do however find it incredibly amusing that the national broadcaster have to defend themselves in this manner:

Suggestions that RTÉ is a tolerant place in respect of illegal drugs are not only unwarranted and unfounded, they are deeply unfair to RTÉ’s staff. RTÉ is one of the largest and busiest workplaces in the country, with 2,000 decent and committed staff, who have been understandably offended by the manner in which they and this organisation have been portrayed in recent days.

Because of the corrupt garda conspiracy the the price of cocaine has fallen:

According to informed sources in the Dublin drug scene the price of cocaine on the streets has fallen more than 30% on rumours that RTE will apply the €250k public sector salary cap to their top stars. RTE has a number of their top stars on salaries of up to €900k but new contracts will be limited to a maximum of €250k.

One leading dealer ‘Damo’ said that ‘the a*se has fallen out of the cocaine market on these rumours, I mean who else in this country can afford to spend €2k/week on coke?’ Damo went to say that this news is the last straw for cocaine dealers after the ending of the property boom and curtailment of banking bonuses RTE was the last bastion of big demand for Coke. Damo wanted to know how ‘a good honest drug dealer was supposed to make a living with a 30% cut in the price he was getting for his product’. Damo said he hoped the government might bring in an incentive scheme for the Coke dealing industry……..

gerry ryan cocaine crazy

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video via

The message reminds me of the old Bob Geldof song ‘hey stupid leave that phone alone’ (based on Pink Floyds the Wall). It also seems like a drugged up rip off of buffalo stance, a catchy song by Neneh Cherry that pushes the delusion that a beautiful woman will choose a sincere man of modest means over a shallow rich man (with all other attributes being equal)

Drug Driving

I eventually found the page for the RSA anti drug driving campaign … on facebook strangely enough. You can watch the ads on their page but I found some of their research material.

To be fair I think this is the correct order in which cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy should be taken in to have the best night out. It looks to me like someone took the real drugs they were going to use for the ad (maybe the photographer did it) and they were forced to use some icing sugar, the worst rolled spliff I have ever seen and some breath mints. Only someone out of their head on real drugs would think this is convicing.

The next poster outlines the dangers of driving on cannabis, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. Fair enough but I would suspect that most people who are driving on drugs are drunk and are off to find more drugs. A tv campaign with people driving a 5 series bmw after a pill is not going to calm their drug urge. A headshop selling mephedrone is.

Cannabis interferes with your ability or willingness to pay attention, making it extremely dangerous to drive.

Tell that to someone who just had a spliff and is trying to break their record on Colin McRae’s rally.

Heroin provides a feeling of euphoria and relief of all pain, but in doing so it slows your reflexes and harms your hand/eye co-ordination. Drivers on heroin will not be able to see properly, concentrate on the road or react quickly enough to avoid a crash.

Read more of this post


I saw this on the front of the Wurdeld as it was laying on a table next to me yesterday, honestly, it was in a hotel lobby, I dont know who put it there but like a car crash I couldnt stop looking.

THE Sunday World today lays bare the antics of the revellers behind the party that shocked Ireland.

This is Jason Byrne having fun on a night out on the town, posing in a g-string with a sexy dancer.

The 37 year old, who is facing a drugs charge, was one of the guests who partied as a wallaby was let loose on a packed dance floor last weekend.

If you really want to see the photo of the fat man in the red thong … Read more of this post


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