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boner, i mean bono


“More Crap” is episode 1109 (#162) of Comedy Central’s South Park. Originally telecast on October 10, 2007. it parodies The King of Kong, a documentary about an underdog who is attempting to beat Billy Mitchell’s infamous Donkey Kong record. Bono’s personality in the episode is much like the depiction of Mitchell in the documentary, including how he is allowed to play by different rules than other world score competitors.

The episode claims that Bono is the worlds biggest poo. In the picture above he is walking through africa shouting “yeah yeah yeah” at everyone.

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I have been thinking about the concept of exclusivity when it comes to club membership in Ireland. This is following where the streets have no name. defines exclusivity as some of the following:


shutting out all others from a part or share

noting that in which no others have a share

disposed to resist the admission of outsiders to association, intimacy, etc.: an exclusive circle of intimate friends.

admitting only members of a socially restricted or very carefully selected group: an exclusive club.

Catering to a wealthy clientele; expensive: exclusive shops.

Ok, hands up! I am currently a member of an “exclusive gym”. The “exclusivity” like most things comes with expense. I paid over the odds to join. I was primarily motivated by the desire to work out in a bright, clean and spacious environment. My rationale for joining was that I hoped this place would be free from many of the meat head bouncer types I saw in the pay-monthly gyms in town. I had also seen enough briefs and red pubes and aldi bags to last me a lifetime. I was sick of seeing guys inspecting themselves like an Adonis a few inches from the mirror after lifting some lead.

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billie jean (king)

This was in the Morgan Hotel the day after Wacko died:


Though it may not sound like it today, Billie Jean is one of the most revolutionary songs in the history of popular music. This is not, however, because its lyrics tell the story of a well-meaning paranoid being stalked by a woman who claims that he has impregnated her, although that in itself was certainly an unusual theme for a pop song at the time. No, Billie Jean was groundbreaking because it introduced the idea that a single must be accompanied by a high-production video – preferably by someone who is a bit of a hoofer – thereby transforming a run-of-the-mill song release into an “event”. Billie Jean transformed MTV from a mere diversion for young people into a cultural institution that society at large paid attention to. It introduced the pasty-faced number-crunchers who ran MTV to the concept that white viewers would respond enthusiastically to videos featuring a black performer, something they had not previously believed. Back in those days, a lot of people in the entertainment business were still racists. Thank goodness that’s over.

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hill 16 now u2 property


U2’s much-showcased ‘Claw’ stage at Croke Park won’t be 360? and won’t be in the centre of the pitch, writes Jennifer Bray.

Planning documents for the concert as submitted to Dublin City Council show the stage backed up against Hill 16, which is marked as ‘backstage area’.

U2’s ‘Claw’ – hailed as the latest in revolutionary 360° ? stage design – is set to disappoint Irish fans when it makes its way to Dublin later this month.

Planning documents obtained from Dublin City Council show that the 360° stage showcased on the opening night of the band’s world tour in Barcelona last Tuesday will be more of a 270°? affair and won’t be built in the centre of the pitch. Instead, it will stand in front of Croke Park’s Hill 16 surrounded by the three stands of the stadium. The hill will be an unofficial backstage area and will not be open to fans.

I dislike U2 a lot. They are the opposite of the band that sang so passionately and convincingly before. I hope people dont get too upset and resort to saying “sure at least we get to see it at all”. This is bullshit and U2 should do it properly. They need to treat people with respect instead of closing off a place with a long history for use as their umteenth welcome home tour. That they hail from here should mean they should be more knowledgable and respectful unless in fact they are worried about this sort of stuff happening:

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a letter from america(n psycho)

This piece of gold arrived in my inbox:

Yea, I have been reading the blog, so I have been I the loop in regards to your big move. As far as the penthouse goes, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! So, I would recommend the upgrade. Now is the time to start buying shit over there. Everyone had themselves so leveraged during the “Celtic Tiger”, that now they (banks as well) are unloading shit below market value just to get it off of their books, hoping to avoid write downs. Perhaps that asshole, Bono, is unloading some real estate assets at a discount….since he is too busy saving the world instead of watching his portfolio.
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U2 idiots

I was speechless, literally without speech last night at 9pm. I saw people lining up on the street to buy themselves copies of the new steamer from the 4 boys from Ballymun at midnight. It was leaked on the internet weeks ago.

With lyrics such as “Free me from the dark dream Candy bars, ice cream” you have to wonder why anyone would even download it. I heard the song on the radio and I think I possibly hate it more than I ever hated anything in my life.

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