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look at these assholes

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission has received 28 complaints about the behaviour of gardaí following a protest organised by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) last week. Some 25,000 people participated.

unintelligent psychotic mucksavage asshole

If you thought the behaviour of the Gardai was about to change, think again. In this video there are beatings of people sitting on the street, hair pulling, baton charging, dragging of an unconscious person around the place. The Gardai try to drive the people back with horses and dogs and their vans and genearally beat whoever they want. Saddam would be proud of such thuggery. Other countries would be ashamed, sadly the fight for Ireland has been won by the knackers in charge. There is no such thing as due process with these goons, instead it is instant justice, Irish style.

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funniest thing ever

protest time

I have never marched in a protest in my life but I am going to this:

I know, how fashionable to have a group on facebook but with some support it could get some attention – it is however exactly what is needed. Twitter was influential in Iran after all.

People in France and Germany protest at everything, they dont give it up for free.

An Irish Toast

An Irish Toast for a Bachelor:

May you have nicer legs than yours under the table before the new spuds are up.

Parade only exist in Ireland since the 1970s according to

First things first – parades on Saint Patrick’s day are not originally Irish, they are an American invention. And far from being a celebration of ethnic and religious inclusiveness, as they are in most places today, they started as manifestations of WASP culture.

Saint Patrick’s Parades in Colonial Times

Ever since a papal decision (in the mid-17th century) established March 17th as the Feast of Patrick died, Ireland’s patron saint is venerated on this day. But real popularity only set in during the 18th century. And while Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated in traditional fashion in Ireland, the colonies took a more outgoing approach.

The first parade on Saint Patrick’s Day was organized in 1737 by the “Charitable Society of Boston”, New York held its first parade in 1766. Make no mistake – these were parades under the control of Colonial WASPdom. The movers and shakers were certainly white and Protestant, most of them also conscious of their Anglo-Saxon (cultural) heritage. And the parades were events for the British community, celebrating their Irish fraction. British troops raised in Ireland paraded, the health of the king was toasted. A far cry from later parades – and a sign of the times when 75% of the Irish living in America were Protestants.

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whats another year?

I read with great interest in the Tribune last weekend that:

Some people date the decline of our economy to the moment we sent Dustin the Turkey, a national in-joke, to mock our European neighbours with a terrible novelty song.

In the past we took the Eurovision song contest very seriously. When Dana won in 1970 with ‘All Kinds of Everything’, her Eurovision win was all we had. By the time Johnny Logan sang ‘What’s Another Year’ in 1980, the Euro­- vision was our main industry; it accounted for 75% of our GDP; there were Fás courses in writing pop ballads; every able-bodied youngster was apprenticed to a previous winner. Norway had oil. Denmark had fisheries. We had Eurovision wins. And now, with new-found humility, Ireland is trying to kick-start that industry once again.

That was the general feeling underlying Friday’s Eurosong 2010 Late Late Show Special: “We need the win!

Sending Dustin to represent Ireland was a bad joke that only we found funny. It is often said that the people previously loved the Eurovision but were let down by our inability to make relevant music any more. How cruelly it backfired. It was hardly our proudest moment to have a glove puppet turkey from Sallynoggin representing our country in a song contest.

It got me thinking about how Ireland went from that crap to this in 25 years. I found some images of Ireland in the 80s. Activities at the time used to include standing on a ditch watching rally cars go by, watching Paul McGrath and sniffing glue. I didnt really look too hard but you get the picture.

The change was gradual no doubt but I think a lot of the status anxiety was aroused by television. In Dublin in the mid 90’s I remember Friends started and people were hooked immediately. There was a lot of empathy shown to the characters. It seemed to make people who watched it more perceptive and wittier by watching it. It embraced absurd topics and everyone had a great laugh recalling the episodes.

A few years later it was Sex and the City. I was trying to claim to some friends that this show was one of the biggest phenomena in Irelands transformation from ugly duckling to broke rich guy.

The finale of ‘Sex’ was in 2004 and long since the the brits and the famine which had held the nation back. Around the time of the finale a lot of its female fans knew very little about it but they knew it was for them.

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theres no german for blowjob

Michael O’Leary describes his plans for long haul flights at a press conference in Germany:

I think he is hanging out with the porn model from his calendar. Read more of this post

repressed lesbian gardai

And a redneck garda driving a pikeys horse and trap: Read more of this post

booze fuelled mayhem

toast is in bad condition owing to the boozing that comes at this time of year. I was at the depeche mode concert on thursday in the old point depot. There was a huge crowd and it looked like a lot of couples but the guys were a lot more interested than the girls.

I go to a lot of concerts in other countries and found it odd that only in Dublin do the security guards stand outside any event shouting their heads off like the people selling tickets, programs and colours of the match. As we approached the gate one guy was screaming “entrance 1 to the left, 2 and 3 to the right”. I shouted back “get a sign”. Then another guy shouted the same as the first guy so I responded “all this shouting is a bit wierd”. He said in a thick dublin accent “maybe its cos yir hungover”. I could see he had big teeth so the way he was laughing was only reserved for times he was delighted with “how bleedin smart he is”. Smart being pronounced with the t silent.

I had a few extortionate beers at 6 euros and a barman went to take the piss. He filled the glass up near the top leaving a half an inch at the top of the glass empty. I said to him “I paid you for 2 pints”. He replied “the mark is at the top of the crown” and it being a carlsberg glass had a crown. I couldnt see the mark so I said “that is actually embarassing for you to have to say”. He made it worse by grabbing 3 cups looking for the line that marks a pint. The mark actually said 500 ml. I made a membership enquiry for the Audi club area and I included that information in my application. I wonder if they will get back to me, doubt it.

bertie for president?

A resounding success for the people of Ireland if the results went like this:

It is still all Lehman’s fault, except in the book he is talking about the brothers testicles.

In a newspaper interview last weekend, Bertie Ahern claimed that by the time Lehman Brothers bank collapsed in September 2008, it had testicles all over the world. This could be the latest example of the former Taoiseach’s difficulty with the English language, or it could be his not-so-subtle way of suggesting that the closure of Lehmans made a balls of the global economy. Certainly, he blames it for Ireland’s current difficulties, using Lehman’s in his autobiography as a comfort blanket against any suggestion that he and his governments bear any responsibility for what has happened.

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an irish house is like an irish woman

A newish show on RTE lampoons property this week. The Savage Eye.

At 19:55:

an Irish house is like an Irish woman.
They think they are a lot better than they actually are.
They only want rich people to go inside them.
Irish women are enjoying better enjoy the fact that men want to ride them
they will turn into deserted housing estates visited only by coyboys

An older episode has Bono’s head in a toilet with someone pissing on it. If the national broadcaster is at it then I feel safe.

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