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ze germans are back in ze house

An article in the Irish Times today about ze germans.

Germany has long had a love affair with Ireland, but recent economic developments have put a strain on the relationship. So how does Europe’s most powerful economy view Ireland, and what does the future hold for the alliance?

IRISH VISITORS to Berlin usually head to the television tower or the Reichstag dome for views of the German capital. Few Irish know of the spectacular view atop the 20-storey tower in the Ku-damm Karree shopping centre – even though they own it.

Despite a prime location on Berlin’s leafy Kurfürstendamm boulevard, the labyrinthine shopping centre has been largely vacant for years. With its dirty grey facade and ghostly passageways, the Karree is the embodiment of the German-Irish complex.

It is pretty lacking in substance and is more of a slight-admission-of-guilt-without-real-remorse porn piece. It seems to portray the message “the germans think we are working but the greeks are not”. It is also making us feel guilty because the Germans know a lot about Ireland but we are only interested in Hitler according to the bookshops (bizarrely our President at the time was the only one to call Berlin to commiserate them on the death of Hitler).

It does not really mention how we are planning to deal with the debt burden but quotes Peter Sutherland warns we should not wish for their demise (as some no doubt are, hoping that “our” debt will be washed). Sutherland is the guy who works for Goldman “we sell products called Dog-Shit to our own customers” Sachs.

Regarding literature, I have not read Mein Kampf but I have read some Thomas Mann stories. Mann is dready and someone inevitably dies or commits suicide in the end.

I think some of the stuff I posted about the Germans hits the nail on the head a bit better, for example:

This is what happens when you try to make Ireland appear like Germany, the proverbial lipstick on a pig. (paying back germany five euros a sausage)

Topless pussy riot protestor cuts down cross with powersaw (nsfw boobs)

They wont like this in Kiev. Reminiscent of Norwegian Black Metal Church Burnings.


A topless women’s rights activist chopped down a Christian cross in the center of the Ukrainian capital Kiev with a power saw on Friday to protest against the prosecution of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot.

Key moments (in case video disappears):

Psychedelic PJP rolls in his grave (mostly due to her lack of chainsaw experience).

STOP, hammertime

When you are done with all the excitement I recommend taking it up a notch with: RATM – Township Rebellion / “Shackle their minds when they’re bent on the cross”


I don’t have a lot of time at the moment so I am recycling some old Martian posts. This Total Recall is not set in mars (wtf).

Here is Colin acting nervous on the red carpet. Maybe he drank too much cough syrup. I have seen a few videos and he is scratching his nose:

Some previous Mars related posts:

theres enough shit in here to fuck cohaagen good:

Quato the mutant baby reminds me of Marty Morrissey:

Here is the original QUAID as far as I am concerned and Quato’s head could be modelled on him too:

and get your ass to mars

I was Watching total recall last night and it occured to me that not only is there a Marty Morrissey look alike but also another for RTE GAA pundit Ger ‘easter island’ Loughnane:

There are similarities in the head shape, ears, chin, eye …

Sunset on Mars

I hope it will all be worth it when Mars attacks:

Punch Drunk Potato

Australian newspaper group Fairfax Media was forced into an embarrassing apology after an article about Katie Taylor’s triumph over Britain’s Natasha Jonas in the Olympic boxing ring was branded as “lazy stereotyping” of the Irish.

The article hit the websites of ‘The Age’, the ‘Brisbane Times’ and the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ yesterday, with the headline: “Punch Drunk: Ireland intoxicated as Taylor swings towards victory boxing gold.”

“For centuries, Guinness and whiskey have sent the Irish off their heads. Now all it takes is a petite 26-year-old from Wicklow,” the opening paragraph said.

“Dark-haired, deep-eyed and engaging, Taylor is not what you’d expect in a fighting Irishwoman, nor is she surrounded by people who’d prefer a punch to a potato.”

The Irish Ambassador to Australia, Noel White, quickly fired off a letter of complaint to Fairfax Media which resulted in the article being amended and the headline changed.

Poitin (potato moonshine) – serving both dietary requirements.

Truly Disturbing

I saw this on a billboard yesterday.

Truly Irish have unveiled their latest marketing campaign with the addition of this clever billboard which is situated on the Dublin Road between Exit 14 and 15 close to Newbridge.

Truly Irish were frustrated from all the mislabelling and confusing names on pork and bacon products as other brands were giving the impression they were Irish. As a result of this, a farmer co-op was formed with producers in every county coming together to make a stand. The Irish pig industry supports over 8,000 Irish jobs.

The billboard was erected to highlight the importance of buying Irish and not what ‘appears’ to be Irish. The model is pictured pulling back her Irish flag to reveal she is in fact of Spanish and Dutch origin, something which occurs too often unknown to Irish consumers.

I definitely smell a pork product of some type.

Info from

More awful advertising from Twuly Iwish (video by BigMentalDisease):

Bertie says “go on the piss and play golf”

In an interview on leadership, Mr Ahern spoke about the type of staff he valued during his time as Taoiseach.

Mr Ahern said he liked people who were loyal and hard-working and is critical of “nine-to-five pen pushers”.

“I didn’t mind if they asked me for a day off to play golf. I’d gladly give it. Or if they wanted to go on the p**s, I didn’t mind, as long as they were not people who just wanted to come in and go out. I was never into that. In all my years, those nine-to-five people were useless to me because the Dail went on to 10 o’clock at night, European meetings were on the weekend, you know. I had to try to be reasonable to these fellahs who had wives and families and who didn’t want to end up broken up like I was, so I had to be generous in other ways. In August, I would close down the whole operation,” he said in the interview.


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