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daft goal sing song

Just when you thought it was safe the greatest living Irish man Keano returns to tell it as it is.

I love the way his voice changes when he says “daft goals” and “sing song”. Some of the youtube comments are the usual “Keano deserted Ireland” but I was quite happy to see a lot of people say “he was right then and is right now”.

Some classic Keano quotes: “if you do the same things all the time and get the same results all the time its a sign of insanity to think things will change” – I know he did not create this saying but he used it in his book. Another favourite of mine is “I like dogs, unlike people dogs dont talk shite”.

Then of course there is the one he will be remembered for in Saipan (he denies calling Mick McCarthy a cunt for what its worth). This has been hanging in my house for the best part of 10 years.

When looking for the exact Keano quote on insanity I came across this funny article in the mirror:

Confirmation of the Keane’s agitated state quickly followed when he tossed a few curt words at Jamie Carragher after the Liverpool player dared to suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo still wasn’t an all-time great because he’s yet to boss a major tournament or change the outcome of a Champions League.

Keane counted to ten in his head, which took about two seconds, and launched a volley of statistics at the chastened Scouser. Sixty goals last season, medals galore at club level. C-Ron’s only 27, but in Keane’s rotating eyes, he’s one of the greats.

Carragher was defeated and we probably won’t see him again after this. Keane needs new cohorts, fresh, tougher competition, a reason to get out of bed and open the curtains. For tomorrow’s ITV coverage, I’m pretty sure we’ll be looking at a line-up of Keane, snarling dartsman Ted ‘The Count’ Hankey and, if the paperwork goes through in time, perma-jailed headcase Charles Bronson. They’ll probably all be naked, chewing on the carcass of an antelope.

When searching for Keano insanity beard I came across this

strangely these images were side by side:

I think this is the sort of stuff Roy is complaining about – shoes off for the bayaz in green?

I love the comment from MrFunkehMonkeh : “yer man horsing the shit out of the roll, I bet there’s no butter on it either hahaha”.

On a more serious note, I hope the Germans are watching the people on the rain sodden island they inherited due to their generosity and our stupidity. They will surely spot Keano and know he is the man for job of president (and not just of the FAI, I mean the country).

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