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google streetview fail

oh how we laughed innocently at the streetview car

GOOGLE has been fined $25,000 ($19,200) for impeding a US investigation into data collection for its Street View project, which allows users to see street level images when they map a location.

The Federal Communications Commission imposed the fine late on Friday, saying Google had collected personal information without permission and had then deliberately not co-operated with the FCC’s investigation.

“Google refused to identify any employees or produce any emails. The company could not supply compliant declarations without identifying employees it preferred not to identify,” according to an FCC order dated April 13.

“Misconduct of this nature threatens to compromise the commission’s ability to effectively investigate possible violations of the Communications Act and the commission’s rules.”

Google said in a statement said it turned over information to the agency and challenged the finding that it was uncooperative.

“As the FCC notes in their report, we provided all the materials the regulators felt they needed to conclude their investigation and we were not found to have violated any laws,” the company said in a statement. “We disagree with the FCC’s characterisation of our co-operation in their investigation and will be filing a response.”

Between May 2007 and May 2010, Google collected data from Wi-Fi networks throughout the United States and across the world as part of its Street View project, which gives users of Google Map and Google Earth the ability to view street-level images of structures and land adjacent to roads and highways.

But Google also collected passwords, internet usage history and other sensitive personal data that was not needed for its location database project, the FCC said.

Google publicly acknowledged in May 2010 that it had collected the so-called payload data, leading to an FCC investigation on whether it had violated the Communications Act.

Previously: man busted by streetview car pissing on a wall near Millstreet

garda pepper spray

I am pretty sure one of the protestors is trying to grab another's underpants to help him escape

Boyd Barrett blames someone talking into a phone in a foreign sounding accent.

The Labour Party conference turned ugly yesterday as violent clashes between anti-austerity protesters and gardai marred the event.

Over 1,000 protesters, using a mock coffin as a weapon, breached the garda cordon surrounding the conference on the campus of NUI Galway and protesters made it to the doors of the hall.

Shortly after 2.30pm, vicious scenes of fighting broke out and protesters attacked security men with flags. A thin blue line of 20 gardai was the only barrier between the protesters and conference delegates.

As a result of the violence, the conference centre was locked down by “panicked” security authorities and in the crossfire one RTE camera man was pepper-sprayed as the protesters, numbering 5,000, reached the conference hall.

Myriad groups had gathered to protest against government austerity policies.

Protesters spat at gardai and brandished ‘sold into slavery’ placards. Journalists covering the protest were also threatened by protesters, many of whom covered their faces in scarves.

One student who reached the windows of the conference centre was arrested by two gardai.

At one point, Labour Party staff had to be evacuated from one area for their own safety as the violent scenes escalated.

Pepper Spray

Politicians leading the demonstration, including the People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett, claimed their peaceful demonstration had been “hijacked” by large numbers of demonstrators who were seen speaking into mobile phones in a foreign language.

Mr Boyd Barrett said he didn’t see any violence but heard there had been some scuffles. “I believe there was some pushing and shoving but I can’t comment on any violence as I didn’t see it,” he told the Sunday Independent.

Outside the conference hall, demonstrators brandished Socialist Worker placards reading: “Don’t Register Don’t Pay”, “Axe the Home Tax” and “Thug Hogan”.

The demonstrators represented an astonishing array of protest groups, included the last remnants of the Occupy Dame Street movement and Citizens versus Charges.

They also included Shell to Sea, pro-neutrality, anti-septic tank charge and anti-bin tax campaigners, lone parents and DEIS schools defenders.

Amid fog-horns, bag-pipes and bodhrans, demonstrators brandished flags reading: “Taxing the toilet to pay Merkel”, “It’s Merkel’s way, not Gilmore’s way” and “The new Robin Hood Fine Gael/Labour tax”.

GARDAI are "delighted" over their new pepper spray device

what was the brown liquid dripping down christina aguileras leg at the etta james tribute ?

multiple choice quiz

was it

(a) shit
(b) fake tan

holy thursday batman

A great sadness fell over Irish blogosphere when Big Mental Disease announced his retirement by saying I’m afraid so.

Gammagoblin made a nice video tribute. He led the north Koreans in mourning – I didn’t know BMD was so popular north of the DMZ but nothing surprises me any more.

(I am not sure why gammagoblin chose to wear rubber gloves but the paranoia of being identified by his hands speaks volumes).

Maybe the weight of being a masked superhero became too much for the Big Mentaller. I hope he fares better in retirement than ‘the comedian’ from Watchmen did:

In October 1985, New York City police are investigating the murder of Edward Blake. With the police having no leads, costumed vigilante Rorschach decides to probe further. Discovering Blake to be the face behind The Comedian, a costumed hero employed by the United States government, Rorschach believes he has discovered a plot to eliminate costumed adventurers and sets about warning four of his retired comrades, Dan Dreiberg (formerly the second Nite Owl), the superpowered and emotionally detached Doctor Manhattan and his lover Laurie Juspeczyk (the second Silk Spectre), and Adrian Veidt (once the hero Ozymandias, and now a successful businessman).


To be honest I think the blogging community is more like Mystery Men than the watchmen:

When Captain Amazing, chief superhero of Champion City, is kidnapped by insane super villain Casanova Frankenstein, who will save the city and ensure that justice is served?
Enter the Mystery Men: Mr. Furious, The Bowler, The Blue Raja, The Shoveler, The Spleen, The Sphinx, and the Invisible Boy- a group of misfits in possession of superpowers…sort of.
Watch the mayhem ensue, as this wacky team goes up against Frankenstein and his mad henchmen.

And yes, before anyone asks, yes, I think I am the shoveller

project glasses

I was watching a video about the new google glasses

– it surely is another step in the direction of what science fiction writers dreamt about.

I have not read Neuromancer in a long time but it was the first time I read about the possibility of a sword fight taking place across a telephone line:

Henry Dorsett Case is a low-level hustler in the dystopian underworld of Chiba City, Japan. Once a talented computer hacker, Case was caught stealing from his employer. As punishment for his theft, Case’s central nervous system was damaged with a mycotoxin, leaving him unable to use his brain-computer interface to access the global computer network in cyberspace, a virtual reality dataspace called the

In snowcrash:

The book presents the Sumerian language as the firmware programming language for the brainstem, which is supposedly functioning as the BIOS for the human brain

We are still a bit away from that however it looks like it will come in handy if you have alzheimers and forget what you had for lunch or what colour your dump was. It helps the guy in the video find his hipster friend to have coffee however there was no actual human interaction. It seems google are also clinging onto the idea of Google+ (only they and gammagoblin seem to use it).

I would be worried about what happens if the crows start to steal our technology:

music fails, the six levels of social self exile

Yes I know the feeling, I went from

Metal/Classic Rock
Industrial/Shoegaze (tho I would say that shoegaze is post rock) – during this time I heard some harsh noise but realised it was bollocks.

I am probably a level 4 or 5. I dont like avante garde and I hate free jazz – I know some extreme hipsters who have crossed that line and one even plays the trumpet in a 2 man band.

For the record I do like krautrock (especially Neu!) and drone – in fact some of the best drone are on the list of hipster metal bands – mastodon, isis, jesu, sunn 0)))

mounted garda

updated: video on


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