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drunk cunt – bill hicks clip

A great clip on how Bill Hicks dealt with unwanted interruptions on stage. There should be more stuff like this.

Frequent commentor Mr Havisham sent me this along with some other good stuff. I feel that if I don’t post something he sent me he will stop contributing! He also liked the clip of Dave Grohl throwing people out of the Round House for fighting. I thought it was amusing but Fresh Pots is better.

It reminds me of a night last year when I saw Jim Jeffries. He is a really vulgar Australian comedian. He was getting heckled by some dubs who were pissed out of their minds – they were actually huge fans and wanted to hear different material but would not shut up. One of the hecklers got abuse back but he was so drunk on Gin that he didn’t know when to stop. He said “but I love you and I just wanted to taste you”. Jeffries said “you can taste your father off me cock”. The heckler was actually crying and said “my father is dead”. Jeffries said “look, I don’t know you, I didn’t know that. Aw shit, get him a taxi”. The show stopped as the guy was trying to leave and someone from the crowd shouted “get him a nappy”. He stumbled to the end of the row and realised he forgot his jacket and tried to go back to his seat. It was the saddest thing I ever saw at a show.

dressed to kill

I took the Luas to town on Friday night. I was on my way to meet my Brazilian friends not knowing it was a costume party I was going to. There were a lot of people dressed up and I was not, or so I thought. It dawned on me that I was in fact wearing a crombie coat, leather gloves and a pair of headphones and short of a tuxedo or a suit I was Patrick Bateman. Those who know me in real life will understand the fascination.

I met my friends in a bar and it was crazy. We moved the Hampton hotel (I am sure Bateman would have approved). We were going to the nite club downstairs called Vanilla and it was reserved for our party. It used to be Sachs Hotel where people in their 40’s and over would go to meet someone of a similar age. I was never in the place when it was Sachs hotel but it looked dingy from the outside. Looking around now it seemed like it was an alternate universe.

When we arrived the club was not yet open so we waited in the bar and almost everyone there was wearing a costume. There were several others at the bar who were not with our group. When we were told the club was open these others tagged along too. There were two guys (one middle aged and one in his 20’s). There was also a man with an attractive Asian wife. I laughed when I saw them downstairs having tailgated and trying to fit in. The older guy was getting quiet drunk and his underpants were hanging out as he flirted with the idea of going to the dance floor. The guy with the attractive wife was getting into the swing of things and she looked at him disapprovingly as he danced in front of her. She was actually embarrassed and I think she hoped nobody had seen him. She looked around and I could see her embarrassment, especially when she saw me laughing at the situation. They left soon after and I saw he had a face like a slapped arse. He seemed like a child being reprimanded for doing something he had thought was fairly harmless.

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occupy wall street protestor takes a shit on a police car

that is some move, the standing up dump:

the race for the arse

This is what I was looking for a while back, actual reasons to vote for the Presidential candidates instead of the bizarre Apprentice/Dragons Den/Masterchef/X-factor style campaign we were subjected to in past weeks.

Of the Aras11 seven, only Mitchell, Higgins and (to a lesser degree) Norris actually understand the role of the presidency. That role consists of:

(i) Considering whether each bill is constitutional (whilst remembering that referring a bill to the Supreme Court also has the effect of rendering it eternally un-challengable if the Supreme Court rules it constitutional);

(ii) Reserving the right to refuse the dissolution of the Dáil should the Taoiseach of the day lose the confidence of the house; and

(iii) Not actively committing treason, blacking up or shitting yourself in public.

Borrowed from a friend on facebook (thanks Chief).

It would seem that only those who understand the procedure of law should be considered. This in my mind ruled out the singer of “all kinds of everything”, a member of Fianna Fail the developers party, the ex-Ira chief and the quango queen.

Some hilarity from bigmentaldisease:

While I am at it, this is worth watching too:

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monster mash

fag bomb

I came across this photo:

It reminded me of the fag bomb:

Both the Associated Press and the United States Navy have apologized for the incident. AP spokesman Jack Stokes described publishing the photograph as a “journalistic error,” saying that the “fag bomb” picture “never should have gotten through, and nobody should have seen it.” U.S. Navy Rear admiral Stephen Pietropaoli promised that the crew had been admonished over their “spontaneous acts of penmanship” calling the slur “not up to our standards.”

giant legoman washes up on beach

a giant Legoman washed ashore today at Siesta Key Village, Fla:



requiem for a cannabis road user

The images on this post got messed up earlier and I left it in an incomplete state. I wasn’t even high at the time!

It is about New shock ad campaign by the Road Safety Authority.

There is a video too which shows some young people toking jay’s and bowling and going to the chipper. Read more of this post

dundrum is like totally flooded

2011-10-25 13:30

I went to get on the Luas today. An employee of Veolia was sitting down having a coffee and smoking a fag at the station. He told me “the Luas is not running today”. I asked “is it because of the flooding?” and he answered “yes that is why I am here”. I said “I thought you were here to have a cigarette”. He said “the substations at Dundrum and Stephens Green are out”. As I walked away I was thinking that the electronic billboard could surely do the job instead of having someone at every platform. I got to the next station and saw that they did not have someone at every station and the billboard said something about feeder busses. Maybe he was pretending to be working to justify a customer seeing him chilling out. Read more of this post

bertie mongo


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