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Ronaldo to be used as bank collateral

Ronaldo’s new position – bank collateral
26 July 2011

The most expensive footballer in history may now be used to guarantee the solvency of a Spanish bank. “Ronaldo in the bailout fund,” headlines Süddeutsche Zeitung. The daily reports that the Bankia group of savings banks, which financed Real Madrid’s acquisition of the Portuguese player, is now seeking to borrow funds from the European Central Bank. In response to the ECB’s demand for guarantees, Bankio are putting up… Ronaldo and the Brazilian Kaka, who also plays for the Madrid football club. In 2009, Real borrowed 76.5 million euros to pay transfer fees of 100 millions euros to Manchester United, and 60 million to Milan AC.

“Could we see a situation in which the ECB seizes one of the players?“ wonders the Munich daily. “In theory, it is possible. Bankia would first have to become insolvent. Thereafter, Real would have to default on its loans, which are secured by advertising and television revenues. It goes without saying that Real Madrid is in debt to the tune of several million euros. However, in Spain football clubs have a history of obtaining publicly funded bailouts — just like the country’s banks.”

guy woos ex with strange video

I especially like the close ups of her breasts:


the shitty channel

From Ed:

City Channel has surpassed itself with a new show that is so unbelievably shit yet so addictive that it makes Jimmy Greely’s restaurant review worthy of an award. It’s called The Warehouse and it features the worst up and coming Dublin bands and comedians I’ve ever seen, you would love it

as classy as a channel which broadcasts the adrian kennedy lunatic show

The city channel is so vile. I did not think it could be worse than TV3 and it has some stiff competition. TV3 is home to Eastenders and ‘The only way is Essex’, a disturbing show where people who are chavs but dont think they are abuse each other. At least this is confined to one area in England. I saw some music videos on the City Channel a few weeks ago and they were completely disgusting. They were very original however and had the English Eminem and the English lady gaga.

Updated, actually there was one interesting video but it has an odd moustache fetish and some creepy scenes. It may be the original guido movie.

a doctor or a lawyer or something

I am occupied with some stuff at the moment. My new obsession gives me little time to ponder stuff to toast

I did find a trange voiceover by Christopher Walken in an old clip for a computer game. I had been searching for a long time to find this.

Baaa or should I say Oink?

that'll do pig

International Monetary Fund Deputy Director Ajai Chopra said Ireland has a good chance of returning to markets if European leaders are able to stem contagion from the region’s debt crisis.

We were Baaa3 and now are Ba1. That is the school like system that rates Ireland’s perceived ability to pay back what it owes. Thankfully this little piggy can go to the market.

A debate on

Sean O’Grady: Best way out is for the eurozone nations to pay up

It was Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, who put it best. The sovereign debt crises affecting so many of the eurozone nations are not of liquidity but of solvency.

Think of a billionaire who happens to forget his wallet down the pub, cannot pay for his round and has to borrow £20 from a friend. He is solvent – he has plenty of money in the bank to pay his bills – but has a temporary liquidity crisis. Contrast that with the flash guy in the wine bar, buying everyone a pint but who goes home to stacks of unpayable bills. He is liquid, for now, but insolvent.

The Greeks, Irish, Portuguese and maybe the Italians and Spanish are like our flash friend. Their debts are unsustainable. The least bad way out of this is not for their mates in the eurozone to lend them more cash, but to honour their debts. A whip round, in other words. Taken as a whole the debts and deficits of the eurozone are not that bad, and compare relatively well with the US and Japan, for example. It would mean that the Germans, Austrians, Finns and Dutch – the boozers who always stand their rounds – would pay for someone else’s party.

It is unfair. It is a true test of European friendship. It should end like a good night out. Then again, it might just start a bar-room brawl…

Ed who sent this to me noted the comment:

Sean, I assume (correct me if I am wrong) that you are an Irishman? Funny that as your country will be a recipient of the Germans (and Dutch, Finnish, etc) largesse. I bet if the boot was on the other foot you would not be so happy and btw doesn’t your public sector have one of the highest pay rates in the world. I suggest you get your own house in order before you get the begging bowl out to the Germans.

As I have said to my colleagues before if you want to live like the Germans, then you need to work (and pay taxes including Corporation Tax) like them, no such thing as a free lunch

I like the whole boozing analogy. Irish people on holidays think everyone loves them but who really likes the Ole-Ole brigade on the balcony at 5am? I blame european banks who didnt understand us in the same way as I blame all night nite-clubs in spain who continue to serve Irish people who cannot control themselves and are attempting to overdose as a way to have a good time. As a friend of mine says “its all good acting the pig until the butcher comes”.

Speaking of pigs, Italy are next in line to shock the Euro. It should be no surprise, maybe only that they are on the chopping board before Spain. Italy are after all one of the PIIGS and without them it the acronym would be so much worse.

ireland relegated to junk

the complete shame I feel:

we could’nt even afford a chinese junk boat (ironically it is the chinese who will end up owning ireland for next to nothing)

a chinese junk boat

the muscles from brussels

I asked a Belgian colleague about the muscles from Brussels and he said “you mean the disgrace of Belgium?”.

I read in January that he wanted to fight again. He looks all botoxed up and has sold out to Coors:

It has been a long time since he danced in a unitard (with white socks and black shoes) at venice beach. Disturbingly the lyrics include “tight leather pants or nothing at all”:

I previously wrote about van dam band.

the original guido

15 Guardian users agree

Guardian article “Why I set about hitting the News of the World where it hurts”

“That evening I began tweeting (@the_z_factor), knocking around a few ideas with friends: egging NewsCorp’s offices? Going to the shops on Sunday and turning over all the copies of the paper? It didn’t seem enough.”

One response proved popular:

It could be worse, you could be doing it with someone ‘filming ya’:


get your ass to mars

I was Watching total recall last night and it occured to me that not only is there a Marty Morrissey look alike but also another for RTE GAA pundit Ger ‘easter island’ Loughnane:

There are similarities in the head shape, ears, chin, eye …


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