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crossed the line

I was waiting for the Luas last night and the only others in the station were employees of the tram operator who were wearing orange high viz jackets.They were both from Dublin and one guy was in his late 20’s and the other was around 40. I waited near them for 5 minutes and overheard their strange conversation.

Young guy: “so she came home and caught you in the bed riding someone else?”
Old guy: “yeah, busted”
Young guy (laughing): “jaysus, your some eejit” (more laughter)
Old guy (slumped shoulders): “I know”
Young guy: “did you even get to finish? yer not that cool I suppose”

I started laughing at this point and turned around and said to him “come on, he gave you the story, dont beat him up, he is already doing that to himself”.

Old guy to me: “he doesn’t get the finer details of the story”

Young guy to me: “I only asked him if he got to finish off”

Me to him: “I know, I heard that. I thought you crossed the line with that”. I said sorry to the older guy for saying something in but he didn’t seem to mind. It was quid pro quo as I also didn’t mind them talking about this beside me.

One response to “crossed the line

  1. louis lefronde May 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Oh dear, caught by the fuzz!


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