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thought crime

The citizens of Oceania are watched by the Thought Police through the telescreens. Every movement, reflex, facial expression, and reaction is measured by this system, monitored by the Ministry of Love.

There is a little of something for everyone in today’s Royal Wedding, whether you are one of the Muslims against Crusades or a Black Bloc protester.

From last week on

the Met is working with forces across the country and is using “spotters” to identify those within the so-called “black bloc” of anarchists intent on causing trouble.

Should evidence emerge that groups are planning to commit criminal acts, pre-emptive action will be taken, a Scotland Yard spokesman said. This could range from breaking up a squat where individuals are gathered, under breach of the peace legislation, or moving in to break up and arrest individuals if evidence suggests they are conspiring to commit criminal acts.

“It is very difficult to build an intelligence picture, but we cannot rule out pre-emptive action,” said the spokesman.

According to skynews people were arrested along the wedding route. They have a department which profiles stalkers.

A secretive unit of police and psychiatrists, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, has identified and warned off several people with obsessions about members of the Royal Family.

These people are not to be confused with the Royal Watchers who are draining all the bandwith at work today watching streaming video.

game of thrones


I watched the first 2 episodes of the new HBO show “game of thrones” this week. There is a scene of an arranged marriage between an unwilling fair haired bride and a warrior king guy who looks like the singer of a goth band.

A Dothraki wedding is considered dull unless at least 3 people die.

Drogo is a powerful khal, or warlord, of the Dothraki people, a tribal nation of expert riders and raiders in the steppes beyond the Free Cities. He is an accomplished warrior and has never been defeated in battle. Early in the series, he takes Daenerys Targaryen as his wife.

Viserys Targaryen conspired with Magister Illyrio to marry Daenerys to Drogo in order to get his support in an invasion of Westeros.

It does seem to be based on

Drogo (French: Dreux or Drogon; Italian: Drogone) was the name of several historical figures: Drogo of Rouvray, fought on the side of William of Normandy; Battle of Hastings, 1066

Either way she is barely able to walk the day after the wedding and is told that it gets easier. If you have seen the episodes and are gripped with royal fever then this article might be of interest on what the British Royals could have learned from the tv show.

Here are some gambling opportunities for todays wedding. Apparently the Blue hat has come in since yesterday, meaning the odds shortened, damn insider trading.

I wont be watching but for the benefit of the 2 billion others who are I hope we don’t see Elton John crying

or kissing David Furniture

geordie shore

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, its Geordie Shore. If there was an Irish version of this they should make it a cross between Fade Street and Boozed up Irish abroad.

they cant be serious

This is so weird. It’s like falling through a wormhole and watching some bizarro alternate universe version of Jersey Shore. Below are the opening credits for Geordie Shore, which comes to us from MTV’s UK network. A few of the characters look like they’re trying to fist pump and failing. They even have a version of Snooki, only thinner and with a smaller poof. And is it just me, or is this the first time the Brits cast slightly hotter people than us in anything?

Here is the youtube video where you can find out about the british ‘guidette’ who can talk the back legs off a donkey: Read more of this post

are you local?

Ex-billionaire Sean Quinn and ex-local-shop owner Edward Tatsyrrup from the league of gentlemen:

damo is back

found at

here is his original video


I heard about this on Friday but it is mainstream news now. I found it amusing that someone could cripple Sony

Sony Corp. (6758) said hackers may have gained access to personal information on the 75 million users of its PlayStation Network and Qriocity online service, including billing addresses.

“We believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address, country, e-mail address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID,” Patrick Seybold, a Sony spokesman, said on the company blog page.

The intruders also may have gathered customer-profile data, including purchase history and billing addresses, Seybold said. While there is no evidence credit-card data were taken, “we cannot rule out the possibility,” he said.

The intrusion took place between April 17 and April 19, affecting the PlayStation Network, which provides access to online games, movies and TV shows. Sony recently combined PlayStation Network customer data with Qriocity, which offers movies or music in 11 nations on Web-connected Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players. That service also was compromised, Sony said.

Sony shut down both services on April 20. Some features were expected to be restored within a week, Seybold said. The company recommends people change their passwords and user IDs when service is restored and do the same elsewhere if they reuse their login data for unrelated online accounts.

The Tokyo-based company has hired a security firm to conduct a complete investigation into the intrusion and is rebuilding the system to offer more protection, the blog posting said.

stealth fries

How can I even see them?

dodged the bullet, again


I spent 4 years working at “full tilt poker” who are in the news for suspected fraud and money laundering. I wont go into detail as the place was good to me for most of my time there. A friend was calling me Nostradamus because I left before the shit hit the fan. He was asking me about the other disasters that were looming that I could tell him about. It was nothing compared to leaving Thailand 2 weeks before the tsunami of 2004.


reasonable force

wikipedia page for gardai shows them with bags of sandwiches

I got the Luas to town last night and as I left the platform at Stephens Green I heard an announcement on the intercom. It was like something from the fairground on Father Ted more than 1984. The mans voice was telling the people who were engaged in anti social behaviour and who were drinking on the platform that they were being watched. I think it was for their own safety as they were falling around the place. Either way it was surreal.

A few minutes later I was walking down exchequer street and I saw a security guard restraining a woman with a choke hold outside a shop. There was a bottle of wine on the ground too, it was full. Maybe the girl was on the way to a party and was caught shoplifting a gift. There was no sign of any Gardai and a few street cleaners sat in their vehicle looking on saying “thats terrible”. I think the incident has just begun as the woman was shouting at first but after a few seconds she went very quiet. I kept looking as I walked by and I shouted “tap out” – in mixed martial arts this would be someone tapping on the arm of the aggresor to tell them they have had enough. Some dont get the chance to tap out as they will have been knocked out after just a few seconds. It is fairly extreme.

I recalled a case in the court where a security guard was found to have used excessive force in detaining a shoplifter. I couldn’t find the exact details of that case but I found this:

There will also, of course, be situations in which the suspect refuses to accept the fact that they have been arrested and may use force to try to leave. The concept of “arrest” makes allowance for “restraint” and you will be protected by the law if you restrain a suspect from leaving. You
cannot use excessive force, however, and a court will look sternly upon anything other than
reasonable force being employed.

As I walked back a few hours later I noticed a Garda car at the same intersection where the incident took place earlier. The Garda car got cut off by a woman driver and the Garda in the passenger seat gave her the fingers. Courtesy and Respect.

Bankers are worse than pedophiles

Irish landlord claims banks increasing rates is worse than someone who rapes children:

I came across this on when I was looking for something from the news last week (I cannot find the article but it was about bank workers who were claiming they wouldn’t be the only ones to suffer for the retarded and very non-bank-like behaviour they engaged in over the last 10 years).

Slightly related, I came across a rare glimpse of the pope at home relaxing at home with a glass of Fanta:


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