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ad placement fail

There are no wife beatings to the best of my knowledge in any of those movies.

It would really bad if they had ‘raging bull’ or ‘once were warriors’ on special …

the bill is here

The party is over and a nation of people are in da club and the bill has arrived. We had enough cash for the deposit but not for all the fine meals, the champagne and cigars. We cant pay so they charge us 6 points of juice on the principal.

The good news is that 2 kobe beef burgers and a bottle of shiraz now cost only 50 euros in Gourmet Burger.

Lost in All Yizzur Eyes

thanks to for making this:

krugman on cannibalism: eating the irish

The Irish government are as usual a day late and a dollar short. Nobody is really being fooled and hopefully it doesn’t come to cannibalism:

Most people know Swift as the author of “Gulliver’s Travels.” But recent events have me thinking of his 1729 essay “A Modest Proposal,” in which he observed the dire poverty of the Irish, and offered a solution: sell the children as food. “I grant this food will be somewhat dear,” he admitted, but this would make it “very proper for landlords, who, as they have already devoured most of the parents, seem to have the best title to the children.”

updated to add a tale of two irelands:

Country A is drowning. A catastrophic recession has thrown a tenth of its workforce out of jobs in just two years. Firms are shutting, banks are barely solvent and the IMF has been called in to bail out the government from crushing debt. The standard of living is eroding, taxes are being hiked, state spending is being slashed, and the deeply unpopular government is being forced into an election it is certain to lose.

Country B has a huge and growing trade surplus. It is attracting a flood of international investment from global firms, building thriving hi-tech export industries. Exports grew this year by 6 percent and now amount to more than $50,000 per person. Taxes are low and staying low, and the English-speaking population is highly skilled.

Montgomery Burns has his own room with 1000 monkeys at typewriters, one of which he chastises for mistyping a word in the opening sentence of A Tale of Two Cities — "'It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?' You stupid monkey!

one final hit

Mr Lenihan was responding to suggestions from the EU Commissioner on Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn that bondholders should take a hit in the ongoing banking negotiations

Bondholders to take one final hit

Mark “Rent-boy” Renton: [narrating] I wished that I’d gone down instead of Spud. Here I was surrounded by my family and my so-called mates and I’ve never felt so alone. Never in all my puff. Since I was on remand, they’ve had me on this program, this state sponsored addiction. Three sickly sweet doses of methadone a day instead of smack. But it’s never enough. And at the moment it’s nowhere near enough. I took all three this morning and now I’ve got eighteen hours to go until my next shot. I’ve got sweat on my back like a layer of frost. I need to visit the Mother Superior for one hit. One final hit to get us over this long, hard day.
[to Swanney ‘Mother Superior’]
Mark “Rent-boy” Renton: What’s on the menu this evening, Sir?
Swanney: Your favorite dish.
Mark “Rent-boy” Renton: Excellent.
Swanney: Your usual table, Sir.

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lenihan: party hard

Mirmo asks Lenny a tough question:

Maybe Lenny was thinking of Andrew WK

crash course in the irish to americans

Anyone know the grey haired man between the boston shamrocks logo and the leprechaun?

lonely banna strand

A German ship came to help us 94 years ago but nobody was at home then either:

‘Twas on Good Friday morning, all on an April day
A German ship was signalling, way out there in the bay.
‘We’ve twenty thousand rifles here, all ready for to land.’
But no answering signal came to them
from lonely Banna Strand.

While serving as a British civil servant in the Congo Sir Roger Casement saw how the native inhabitants were maltreated by Europeans and he saw similarities with the way the Irish were treated by the British. Back in Ireland Sir Roger Casement began to work for the Irish Volunteer Force (IVF) as a fund-raiser in the United States of America.

In November 1914 Sir Roger Casement went to Germany. On the principle that enemies of Great Britain were the allies of Ireland it was his intention to establish an Irish Brigade made up from Irish prisoners of war. Equipped with German arms the Irish Brigade would launch a rebellion in Ireland, therewith forcing the British to fight on two fronts. Germany was not unfavourably disposed towards Casement’s idea, but the prisoners of war simply refused to commit treason by taken up arms against the army they served.
Sir Roger Casement deemed the existence of an Irish Brigade, consisting of well-trained soldiers equipped with German arms, vital for a successful rising. Consequently Casement, who took the failed attempt very personally, opposed against the idea of a rising in 1916. To hearten Casement and to regain his support for an upcoming rising Joseph Plunkett was sent to Germany in 1915.

Germany had already put approximately 20,000 riffles (mainly outdated Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 cast-off from captured Russian depots), 1,000,000 rounds of ammunition, ten machine guns and some explosives at Casement’s disposal and under the conscientious care of Joseph Plunkett he went for a ship to transport the small arsenal to Ireland. The ship they found suitable was the Libau.
The Libau, originally christened Castro, once belonged to a British shipping company, but was taken as a prize by a German torpedo boat at the beginning of the First World War.

On 21 March 1916 the command of the Libau was assigned to the 28 years old Captain Karl Spindler. Without disclosing all ins and outs of the coming mission Spindler was ordered to select five officers and 16 crew members, all young and unmarried, from several sections of the navy. During the journey from Hamburg, her home port, to Luebeck the crew exchanged their navy uniforms with uniforms used by a Norwegian trading company. They also had to unlearn the military custom such as saluting. Not only the crew, but also the ship and her interior was transformed as if it was a Norwegian, thus neutral, vessel. Up to the certificates, charts, bedlinen and canned food no detail was left untouched.


thanks to Ed for this interesting video of people trying to explain why their property development company / country is in ‘deep water’:

My take on this is that the language at the start sets the scene by obfuscation and distraction. You begin to realise that this is how accountants talk about money and economies. The part mentioning “rig the deal to maximise profits” is key. ‘Sweating the asset’ is basically making it look like you have more money than you have.

In finance terms people were just moving money around and around and taking a cut each time until there was none left, in reality leaving pension funds taking massive losses.

The message eventually gets across after they are told they have incurred ‘friendly fire’ or ‘negative growth’ – the guy on the phone is like the IMF and the guy getting the bad news is like Lenihan.

the fake street

Some more disturbing commentary on such as:

Dani decides to go look at the city’s “architecture.” Is that Spanish for “penis”?


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