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toxic lorry buttplug interview



I went to see this on monday. It is a freaky movie that takes place inside a coffin type box underground. It did’nt make matters much easier that I was 3 stories underground in the lighthouse cinema.

Reminded me of hitchcocks final escape:

Convicted bank robber John Perry, Edd Byrnes, is sentenced to fifteen years’ hard labor at a state prison lumber camp. Determined to escape, Perry befriends an alcoholic inmate named Doc (Robert Keith), who is in charge of the prison infirmary as well as the burial details. Doc presents the answer: If Perry will finance an operation for Doc’s granddaughter, he will help spring him. Doc’s plan is to hide Perry inside the coffin of the next inmate who dies, then bury the coffin in the prison cemetery. As soon as the gravediggers and guards leave, he will then dig up the grave and let Perry out. Together, they’ll refill the grave and Perry will be free to escape. All goes according to plan, but then Doc doesn’t show up on time to dig Perry up. Where is he? Why is he late? “C’mon, Doc”!

the doc is lying next to him …

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segway fail

Tributes have been paid to the head of the Segway company who died after apparently falling from a cliff while riding one of the two-wheeled scooters.

Jimi Heselden OBE, 62, a former miner who left school at the age of 15, made an estimated £160m fortune through his Leeds-based company Hesco Bastion.


Jesse Pinkman can make anything awesome just by ending each of his sentences by the word “bitch”.

hattons savage right nostrel

How did they get the camera in these angles ?

The news of the world were so SHOCKED at the HUGE amount of substances takes:

this was one bout in which the two-times world welterweight supremo got really hammered – knocked out by a marathon 10-hour bender including SEVEN lines of coke in THREE separate drug sessions, 11 pints of Guinness, four vodkas, two glasses of wine and several Sambucas.

bands boycott crawdaddy

but it is not because of the smell of shit that has been wafting around downstairs –

On Sept. 11 2010, security at Crawdady, Harcourt St. assaulted several member of the audience and a member of a band, who was subsequently arrested and released, without charge, because he did nothing wrong. The security were seen hitting at least one girl. Several more people were injured. We will not stand for uniformed thuggery.

There is a facebook group and a youtube video that doesnt really show much.

cowen does a yeltsin

no, actually yeltsin had the smarts to stay asleep: Brian Cowen is robustly rejecting opposition claims he sounded drunk or hungover on the radio this morning.

journalist Lise Hand says she saw Brian Cowen leaving the bar at 3.30am after having warbled an abridged version of the Lakes of Pontrachain

From an ogra fianna fuckers social event a few years ago:

boozed up irish abroad

first thing I said when I saw this on tv3 was ‘this reminds me of the kind of people you only ever see in the airport’ – the gangs of skangers off on a boozy holiday. Then it started to remind me of Jersey Shore:

loving to indulge whilst on holiday, throughout europe and beyond we are reknowned for blah blah

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irelands finest

I kept seeing the name Patrick Roach on the credits of trailer park boys. I thought bubbles was the one who looked irish but its actually Randy (on the left)


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