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Monthly Archives: June 2010

operation green

Bizarre photoshopping of swastikas on Dail Eireann – wishful thinking from ?

The Nazis allocated 50,000 German troops for the invasion of Ireland. An initial force of about 4,000 crack troops, including engineers, motorised infantry, commando and panzer units, was to depart France from the Breton ports of L’orient, Saint-Nazaire and Nantes in the initial phase of the invasion.

According to Operation Green, their destination was Ireland’s southeast coast where beach-heads were to be established between Dungarvan and Wexford town. Once they had control and airstrips had been established (negligible armed resistance was expected) waves of Dornier and Stuka aircraft would have started bombing military and communications targets throughout the Irish Free State, as it then was, and Northern Ireland.

In the second phase of the invasion (to start within 24 hours of the first landings), ground troops of the 4th and 7th army corps would have begun probing attacks, initially on the Irish Army based in Cork and Clonmel, followed by a thrust through Laois-Offaly towards the Army’s Curragh Camp base in Co Kildare.

Their rate of advance would have been rapid, with some units reaching the outskirts of Dublin within 48 hours of landing in the southeast.

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no, not racists

On RTE’s world cup programs poor ol Johnnie Giles seems to be asleep. When they wake him up he often cant remember who is playing. Last week he even got Algeria confused with Nigeria. It was quiet embarassing for all but good old Billo was able to deflect attention and moved on to more klangers.

In the photo above: Johnny Giles, Liam Brady, Eamon Dunphy

Giles on Oezil during Germany vs England:

“He’s the nearest I’ve seen to Liam.’ Mr. Brady reaches for the water to drown out whatever he’s about to say”

Granted he was probably talking about similarities in the stlye of play. I also came across an accusation of jingoism by the British media:

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The running of the bulls comes to Ireland. Anything is possible even wearing bacon on your clothes and running away from people trying to eat you.

The only time I recall seeing a village decorated like this was Ballyporeen when Ronald O’Reagan ‘found his roots’ and came to visit in 1984.


advertisers must find the cork accent is both amusing and authoritative

living in a box

A LANDLORD who was found to have three adults and an 18-month-old baby living in a garden shed heated by an oven has been sacked from his job as a garda over his property dealings.

Kevin Galvin, who is in his 30s and lives in Furry Park Road, Killester, north Dublin, was a member of An Garda Síochána working in information technology at Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

His dismissal from the force was approved by Cabinet in recent weeks and has since come into effect.

Mr Galvin, who joined the Garda 12 years ago, was convicted late last year on three counts under health and safety legislation relating to a number of properties he was renting out.

bizarre headline

Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay pub

She had been in an on-off relationship with Talbot for three years which had ended in March 2007. During the evening Talbot, who was wearing an inflatable sumo suit, bumped into her. When she turned around, the accused said to her: “Keep smiling, c**t.”

Later, a man dressed as a Snickers bar began waving at her and when she went to wave back, Talbot pushed her arm from behind. When she asked what the problem was, Talbot said: “Your arm’s in my way.”

When she again asked what her problem was, Talbot “flipped” and started screaming abuse at her.

the battle of britain

England will clearly whine about having a whopping third of their goals in the wurdeld cup finals disallowed.

During the game I saw two English fans dressed as WW2 English pilots. Some things will never be forgotten.

the wurdeld

a simplistic but accurate view of the world:

emergency kebab

The Gardai continue their tradition of parking on double yellow lines while ordering fast food. This is on the corner of a junction at Harcourt street. Slap on the hazard lights and order us a quarter pounder meal will ye there lads.

post ban substances have appeard

Products that have appeard since the recent ban include, White Columbia, Raz, Amplified, Extreme Stardust, Sn*berry and Pure NRG. After testing, compounds found in these ‘post-ban’ substance are Naphyrone; Lignocaine; Ethcathinone; Dimethocaine; and Caffeine.

According to the unmistakable gardai-speak:

We shall update this page in light of any further developments.

Well they have not updated it. There are people I have heard of who did’nt sleep for 5 days after taking one of these post ban products. One of them was apparently swimming in the water tank in his parents attic. It seems banning them has brought some even more dodgy drugs onto the market. Applause to all involved.


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