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tweets on death

Irish people using twitter badly continues:

Green Party Senator Dan Boyle confirmed the death of his Seanad colleague before it was officially announced.

Mr Boyle ‘did a Miriam O’Callaghan’ by referring to the death of Fianna Fail senator Kieran Phelan on his infamous Twitter account yesterday morning.

Ms O’Callaghan, the RTE ‘Prime Time’ presenter, apologised for announcing the death of her colleague, Gerry Ryan, last month on Twitter before it was officially confirmed.

Mr Boyle wrote on Twitter at 11:28am: “Sad news. Fianna Fail Senator Kieran Phelan died suddenly this morning. May he rest in peace. The Seanad is being suspended.”

He then removed the message at midday.

A spokesman said Mr Boyle had made a simple error and was sorry.

in da club, part 2

Follow up to back when I was really angry. The blacks of europe is about 50 Cents In da Club.

Sadly it is more like someone pulling up to the K Club, Krystle Club, or the Gaa club. Driving in the benz, drinking cognac.

Lady Gaga’s video for Telephone is crazy. It is a perverse mix of club culture and prison for bitches.
The image links to youtube.

This garda thought nothing of getting his photo taken in the club. It is one of the top 10 images for gardai on

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say nathin josie

follow up to

A typical day at a tipp hurling match ? – one of the comments

All the way from the arse hole of Tipp up to Dublin and the mangy shower of bog shits bring their own sandwiches with them so they wont have to spend a penny in Dublin. No wonder there’s a fucking recession.

wanking at work

from Big Train, 1998, still funny:

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the winners and the losers

In the movie 'Trading Places' the Duke brothers lost their fortune on a frozen concentrated orange juice gamble.

The Sunday Independent have classified the winners and losers of society and how they are affected by the false economy going down the toilet.

‘The wantmores’ are property owners who drive SUV’s and like to get their teeth and lips replaced frequently. They send the kids to private school and are bothered by the increase in the cost of foreign holidays. They are portrayed as the losers right now. They apparently dont eat as a reduction in food prices does not affect them but the increase in the price of celeb magazines does.

‘The renters’ are people who use public transport and like to eat chicken and jam and go on holidays in their tents and play scrabble. They are the big winners right now.

THE middle-classes or aspirational “tiger” families have seen much of their wealth wiped out over the past three years through falls in the property market and investments.

They are being squeezed harder than most other sectors of society, according to the latest Sunday Independent/ KBC cost of Living survey. The cost of living for the midle classes has risen slightly in recent months but is still marginally down over a full year. This would represent the return of inflation for the first time since December 2008.

The cost of sending their kids to a top private school and on to university is biting hard, with education bills rising by 8.9 per cent over the past year.

Holidays abroad are also more expensive with package holidays increasing by 2.8 per cent. Getting a trout-pout or a new set of dazzlers has also risen in price, with outpatient services up 3.6 per cent. Alternative or complementary medicine is around 1.1 per cent less expensive. Read more of this post

bono is 50

Follow up to Bono is 50 and U2 fans around the world rejoyce. Here he is looking awkward in Bruno:

He wrote an article for the new york times last year called ‘It’s 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?’ one of the comments says it all:

Spare us the pompous hypocritical lecturing and pay your fair share of taxes instead of using tax havens to avoid doing so.

van dam band

which is worse

We are no longer at war with Eurasia as the gubberment have closed the headshops :

Several head shops closed their doors to the public with immediate effect as the Taoiseach declared the high-street stores “closed until further notice”.

“Hopefully that practical effect will be seen right around the country,” Brian Cowen said.

“We are determined that irresponsible people who want to profit from dangerous substances get the message that Government will not tolerate their reprehensible activities which are actually putting the lives and health of many young people at risk,” he said.

There was no mention of anything like this in the state controlled media:

Protesters have tried to break through the gates of the Irish Parliament during a march against Government plans to inject billions of euros into the country’s banks.

Gardai said around 100 people broke away from the march on Tuesday evening and ran at the gates of the Parliament’s main building, Leinster House, in Dublin.

They wrestled with police, who tried to force them back while attempting to secure the gate.
Officers stopped the protesters from breaching the gate, with organisers appealing for calm.

gerry ryan hardcore

sexism is not hunky dory

Follow up to are you looking at my crisps:

A Greek was apparently on RTE news saying “We are not Ireland. We do not sacrifice ourselves for the rich”. Instead of a protest in Ireland there is a widespread backlash against the hunky dory ads:

vandalised on george's st

they cant be serious!

Hunky dorys model comments:

One of the stars of the infamous Hunky Dorys ad campaign revealed that she was “surprised” by all of the controversy that arose here.

Lian Schreuder (21), the blonde beauty featured as one of the team captains in the racy ads, told the Herald that she didn’t find the context sexist at all — and was taken aback by the reaction.


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