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i definitely smell a pork product

are you staring at my crisps?

LEINSTER have today told Hunky Dorys that “respect” needs to be shown to Irish rugby as the ‘Are You Looking At My Crisps?’ controversy rumbled on.

With 72 hours to go until the Blues’ Heineken Cup semi-final in Toulouse, Leinster rowed firmly in behind the IRFU, who have attacked the billboard campaign, which they say is illegal.

An IRFU spokesperson told the Herald today that it is now pursuing legal action against Hunky Dorys’ parent company, Largo Foods.

The controversial ads (pictured right) have been causing a stir for their use of scantily clad models to promote crisps — however, the main grievance is that they claim to be the ‘Proud Sponsors of Irish Rugby’.

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next generation shit

Next generation broadband is just the same as what Eircom sell already, but more expensive, regardless of their promises of fibre.

They had crystal swing sing in their hq on monday. If these two items are representative of progress in Ireland then we seriously fucked, but we know that already.

Eircom and ‘next-generation’ broadband

Price gouging comes to Dublin
eircom today have announced their “Next Generation Broadband” promising speeds of up to 8MB to all subscribers, they claim to have also finally addressed the contention issue (which they call congestion). What is not in the headlines is the subtle but important change from a speed based model to a usage based model of charging.

The announcement
Let us be clear on this announcement, this is neither Next Generation anything nor will 8 MB be delivered to the vast majority of hapless consumers. While IrelandOffline welcome the attention to the important issue of contention we feel this announcement is nothing more than “window dressing”.

The phrase “Next Generation” alludes to the next generation of broadband products usually delivered by Fibre, this most certainly is not anything like that. This is purely “marketing speak” as almost everything else remains exactly the same.

The only thing “Next Generation about this product is the charging policy. This is a 200% increase on the average user’s bill for those who can least afford it. This product is only Dublin based for the moment.

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facebook fails


jesus having a smoke

tipp hurling attack

ALMOST 14,000 people have so far logged onto video-sharing website YouTube to see footage of a Tipperary referee being viciously assaulted at one of the weekend’s hurling matches by someone in the crowd.

The mobile phone footage shows Willie Barrett being hit twice in the middle of a game between Tipperary’s Carrick Davins and Ballingarry.

The incident occurred 10 minutes into the game and following the assault Mr Barrett called a halt to proceedings.

During the 77-second footage which appeared online, the assailant is seen running onto the pitch wearing a grey long-sleeve top and dark tracksuit bottoms after minor jostling has broken out on the pitch. He appears to take a full swing at the referee, striking him on his back. Mr Barrett then tries to get away from his attacker and fends off another blow with his hand.

Then amid calls for the match to be abandoned the assailant calmly walks off the pitch again.

The GAA and the Gardaí have launched two separate investigations into the incident.

The original footage showing the incident was taken off the website yesterday afternoon after 13,633 people had viewed it.

However, within hours it was back up under a different title and a further 300 people had played it by yesterday evening.

“What a coward – sneaks up behind and draws a swing. He deserves beating with a hurl himself,” one viewer posted after viewing the footage.

cnn volcano fail

if ww2 was declared on facebook

someone clearly put a lot of time into this:

protest time

I have never marched in a protest in my life but I am going to this:

I know, how fashionable to have a group on facebook but with some support it could get some attention – it is however exactly what is needed. Twitter was influential in Iran after all.

People in France and Germany protest at everything, they dont give it up for free.

cougar town ireland

I saw this on the front page of the independent so I had to look it up. In another fine article they report how Irelands ‘guilty rich’ are saving the country by spending their money on expensive knickers:

Ireland’s “guilty rich” have emerged from the financial crisis with fewer scars than feared and still have the knack of spending large amounts of money, but just that bit more quietly than they did during the boom years.

These are the same people responsible for pushing total retail sales back into positive territory for the first time since January 2008, as reported last week when the rest of us refused to spend.

Susan Hunter Lingerie, located in the Westbury Mall in Dublin, sells pure cotton and pure silk tactile underwear that women would kill to have next to their skin, but they come with a hefty price tag. A cashmere dressing gown will set you back €870.

“Women can’t be seen to be wearing bling-tastic clothes these days and are afraid to show off ostentatious wealth as they don’t want anyone to know, so they are spending as much as they want on expensive underwear which no one can see,” said owner Susan Hunter.

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