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fearless gardai

here are the boys in blue taking the weight off, both of them are having an ice cream in their van near stephens green shopping centre:

temporarily offline

At the moment this is what my computer is showing when I turn it on:

Just goes to show what playing too much battlefield bad company 2 does to an expensive graphics card.

empty nesters

not much going on in the world of Toast at the moment but I did find this interesting as a follow up to That article was about an apartment complex that was assembled from the back of a truck and they were charging 550k for a 1 bed apartment. An unfortunate young dentist no longer wants the hassle of paying for it:

‘So, is it your place or my parents’?” This is the question many penniless young men and women are being forced to ask at the end of a night as a result of having once flown the coop but now come home to roost. There are more young people than ever living under their parents’ roofs. But times are tough, and when needs must, there seems to only be one answer and that is to pack up and head back to the bedroom of your 12-year-old self.

There are many who argue that moving back home with your parents after entering the real world is somehow synonymous with failure. But these “boomerang kids” are in over their heads in financial woes and running out of money fast, despite working in well-paid jobs.

Twenty-nine-year-old Alice Dorman is a qualified dentist, earning a good salary. She bought her apartment in the exclusive Grange complex in Stillorgan in September 2006 and moved in last year.

At the time it was only a one-bedroom apartment that Alice could afford, but she didn’t mind. She was working two jobs to pay her mortgage, so it made it all seem worthwhile. “It made the seven years in college worth it, seeing as I could afford a mortgage on my own and not have to rely on anyone else,” she adds. However, since the economic slump and the pay cuts to the public service, the once affordable fixed-rate mortgage that Alice choose three years ago is not so affordable anymore. “Since I work in the HSE, I have been hugely affected by the pay cuts in the public service. It’s just become too much of a struggle and stress to pay all the bills and large mortgage,” she says.

And so Alice is forced to move home to her parents’ and get the majority of the mortgage paid by a tenant. “It makes more sense for me to rent it out. I’m only 29, and this time of our lives is supposed to be relatively fun and not stressful regarding money worries. At the moment, with the mortgage fixed at 4.89 per cent, there’s no way to keep paying it and everything else with the new pay cuts we’ll see in our wages,” she adds. Alice is not alone: many empty nests have begun filling again.

A young man, who does not want to named, explains what it’s like being a bachelor with mum in the next room. “Ending a fantastic date with the line, ‘fancy coming back to my mum’s place?’ is doing very little for my ego . . . or my sex life for that matter. Fresh out of university five years ago, I had it all worked out: embark upon a successful career, save up for a while, buy a nice apartment. After the cold wind of the recession blew abruptly into my life, leaving me jobless, I was forced to move back home,” he says.

Fortunately, his parents welcomed him home with open arms and, despite feeling like a failure at first, his return to the nest was blissful. But the euphoria started to fade as soon as he became aware of the drawbacks.

“Living with two parents of retirement age means I almost never have the luxury of a ‘free house’, which has obviously impacted negatively on my sex life. Once, I woke up after a one-night stand, and I found my ‘date’ having a natter over tea with my mum in the kitchen,” he says.

Twenty-four-year-old Orla Gogan works in insurance and moved out of her parents’ home in Templeogue at the beginning of August last year. She wanted to gain more independence and experience living on her own before getting a mortgage. However, a few months down the line, Orla ended up returning to the parents’ nest.

“It was a personal choice to move back home and save money as I wasn’t very financially comfortable, especially around Christmas time. And at that stage I had been living there for six months and I was fed up being broke. I knew I’d never be able to save for my own place if I continued renting, so I thought the best thing would be to move back home. The downsides are not having as much independence, and having a boyfriend means we don’t get as much time on our own as there’s always a full house,” she says.

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An Irish Toast

An Irish Toast for a Bachelor:

May you have nicer legs than yours under the table before the new spuds are up.

Parade only exist in Ireland since the 1970s according to

First things first – parades on Saint Patrick’s day are not originally Irish, they are an American invention. And far from being a celebration of ethnic and religious inclusiveness, as they are in most places today, they started as manifestations of WASP culture.

Saint Patrick’s Parades in Colonial Times

Ever since a papal decision (in the mid-17th century) established March 17th as the Feast of Patrick died, Ireland’s patron saint is venerated on this day. But real popularity only set in during the 18th century. And while Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated in traditional fashion in Ireland, the colonies took a more outgoing approach.

The first parade on Saint Patrick’s Day was organized in 1737 by the “Charitable Society of Boston”, New York held its first parade in 1766. Make no mistake – these were parades under the control of Colonial WASPdom. The movers and shakers were certainly white and Protestant, most of them also conscious of their Anglo-Saxon (cultural) heritage. And the parades were events for the British community, celebrating their Irish fraction. British troops raised in Ireland paraded, the health of the king was toasted. A far cry from later parades – and a sign of the times when 75% of the Irish living in America were Protestants.

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on you can randomly chat with people, mainly guys jerking off but this is funny:

rte fail

Internet phenomenon Crystal Swing have continued to gain huge attention since one of their videos, ‘He Drinks Tequila’ went viral last week. Since the Cork Independent spoke to band leader Mary Burke last week, they have appeared on national radio, almost all the national papers and will soon appear on The Late Late Show

they did this and the hucklebuck instead:

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St Kevin’s Stump

Hell” is the first episode of the second series of Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, and the 7th episode overall.

Ted and Dougal decide to put Jack to sleep (by putting a cardboard box over his head) and search for entertainment. However, all that is available are St Kevin’s Stump (an ordinary tree stump whose name is unexplained) and the Magic Road

The film Life of Brian:

satirises both the tendency to interpret banal incidents as “signs from God” and the factions and infighting that can emerge from this. For example, when Brian loses his shoe, some of his over-zealous followers declare it to be a sign but they can’t agree on what it means, while one other instructs them to “Cast off the shoe. Follow the gourd!” (which is viewed by some as being significant owing to Brian’s seemingly charitable refusal to accept a price for it – and not even haggle over what it is worth – the truth actually being that it was a cheap, unwanted gift).

In an ironic twist of fate someone is claiming that Dara O’Brian blasphemed when talking about the tree stump. I wonder if worshipping the tree stump is itself blasphemy:

Broadcasting body rejects complaint that Rathkeale tree stump remarks were ‘blasphemy’

Published Date: 13 March 2010
By David Hurley
THE Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has rejected a complaint in relation to comments made on the Late Late Show about a tree stump in Rathkeale that made global headlines last year.
The stump, which is in the grounds of St Mary’s Church, attracted thousands of worshippers last summer after a number of parishioners claimed they saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in the wood.

In his complaint to the BAI, James Clark maintained that comments made by comedian Dara O’Briain on the Late Late Show last November were “blasphemous, insulting and showed his clear lack of knowledge”.

Mr O’Briain was on the programme to discuss the BBC television series, Three men in a Boat, during which he and two other comedians navigated around the waterways or Ireland. Part of that programme was recorded in Limerick, but Mr O’Briain explained the trio did not travel to Rathkeale.

“I kept trying to steer us away from things, like they kept on wanting to go to Rathkeale. Do you know what’s in Rathkeale? The Holy Stump, the bit of a tree. I can say this now. It’s a tree. It could look like anything, a bun in a tree. It looks like isobars. I had to keep steering them away from this,” he told Ryan Tubridy.

In his complaint, Mr Clarke stated: “Without truly knowing what this tree stump is all about, this funny man thought he would get a laugh by mocking it and telling people on live television that it was utter nonsense, thus RTÉ and Mr Tubridy were leading people astray

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paedophile beards

Old but funny:

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I saw this on the RTE news tonight on the segment about Jihad Jane:

The gardai are parked on the footpath outside the barracks!

It reminded me of the concerned person in galway who has video taped some awful parking in Galway, set to eerie music: Read more of this post

bad company 2 is 1943

Battlefield bad company was launched on PC and console last week.

It looks like DICE who have made the entire battlefield series so far were also working on making battlefield 1943 for the PC but were sidelined. Electronic Arts are their owners and they need the billion dollars in sales that Activision take in with call of duty games. This is a screenshot from the single player and there is a WW2 part that makes little sense in the context of Bad Company. It looks to me like a sneak preview for 1943.

EA games have been making major losses:

Electronic Arts, the maker of video game titles such as the “Madden” series, reported a third-quarter loss of $82 million, or 25 cents a share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $641 million, or $2 a share. On an adjusted basis, the company earned 33 cents a share in the quarter, lower than a year earlier but above analysts’ estimates.

I have no idea why it has has not gotten past pre-release for the PC. It has been out for months on the xbox. It has been pushed further and further on the PC. Still, it is due out Q1 2010, that is the latest.

They probably realised it was a better bet to go with the game that they can charge 45 euros for rather than 12 in the case of 1943 (and free in the case of BF Heroes). I am hoping they are taking their time on the PC version to make it bigger and better.

Here is a video which was ‘leaked’ – it has actors in polish voices so expect a lot of “kurwa”: Read more of this post


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