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post avatar depression / avatards funny until the warcraft stuff but it wouldn’t be the same without it:

I was there just thinking and crying for about 15 minutes before an usher asked me to leave. I told him I never wanted to leave and he was confused for a second. Then he said I had to go and if I wanted to see this “crappy movie” again I’d have to pay for another ticket. Well to cut to the chase it got a bit heated at that point and we ended up in a shoving match. The police officer who took me out of there didn’t seem to care either. When I told him he was a tool of an oppressive society that is destroying the world he laughed at me. Now I’ve got a charge against me for public disturbance but I don’t care. Hopefully that jerk usher got fired.

The next day I saw it at a different theater in 3d. All of a sudden the world was as real as my own. At the end I stood up and started telling the people that they were the bad guys and were killing the Na’vi everyday with their western society. I said look at Afghanistan! I got cussed out and had a soda thrown on me but I wore those like a badge of honor, I felt like a Na’vi standing against human oppression and sickness. I just wished I had a weapon at that point and could have fought like Jake did. Jake was so strong. I began to wish that I could be like a new Hitler, only instead of exterminating one race I’d do the whole human race then shoot myself at the end.

My mom always said I get too wrapped up in this stuff but she is an idiot who is just as much part of the problem as every other American. I told her when I got home and she cried but I don’t care anymore, I’m 35 and I can do what I want in my room and don’t have to take any “medicine” if I don’t want to. Did the Na’vi take pills to “get better” Did the Indians? Nope. I just wish I could stop thinking of this; it’s more than a movie. My Mom used to think I was too into WoW but that was just a game. I quit playing and told my guild wife there to just forget me. This feels real, that is just stupid now. I don’t even really want to go into work.

It has grossed more than $1.3bn (£800m) worldwide, wowed the critics, and spawned a new generation of fans, the so-called Avatards, who have taken to painting their faces blue.

Cinema audiences in Russia have been quick to point out that Avatar has elements in common with The World of Noon, or Noon Universe, a cycle of 10 bestselling science fiction novels written by the Strugatskys in the mid-1960s.

Today one film critic said there would inevitably be similarities between Avatar and the Strugatskys’ intellectually demanding novels as both were anti-utopian fantasies. The brothers’ work sold millions of copies, with many reading their intricate fantasies as a thinly disguised satire on the KGB communist system.

“Avatar is a great technological leap forward. It’s a very clever, multi-layered film, and politically highly relevant,” a film critic, Yuri Gladilshikov, said. “It depicts the fate of indigenous minorities in countries such as Peru or Venezuela. And there are associations with Vietnam and the war in the jungle.”

3 responses to “post avatar depression / avatards

  1. Feensham January 19, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    It was inevitable but Godwins Law kicked in halfway down the page rendering that clowns argument as null and void…

  2. Unemployable January 20, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    The movie was visually stunning but it was such a painfully shit story. Apparently and I have no proof of this at all, Cameron said he just watched and read lots of other sci-fi books and movies and then took the bits he liked form them to make the script.
    The speech by the plank of wood lead actor was particularly nauseating. And what sort of a cunt do you have to be that you call the material they are mining “unobtainium” or how ever you spell it. As you can tell the hate is growing in me again, I may have to restart anfies blog.


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