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world of warcrack

Guy finds wife is cheating on him with guild leader in warcraft, guy continues to play for some item in the game. Guy thinks he is posting anonymously to look for help, he is easily identified. It may be fake but is still strange.

I am posting this on a level 1 alt for reasons that will become clear as you read further.

My main is a level 60 Priest in a high-end raiding guild. We are the farthest in progression on our server, and downed Kel’Thuzad for the first time several weeks ago. My wife and I are both very consistent raiders, with 90% attendance or more. My wife does not work, so during the day while I am busy bringing home the bacon, she plays World of Warcraft, farming for mats and gold … and apparently cybering our guild leader, as I recently found out.

I first became suspicious about a month ago. She has always been very flirtatious, but I noticed an increase in her flirtiness with toward our guild leader in raid chat and in vent, and his attitude toward her as well. This included numerous sexual innuendos, lots of giggling, dares, suggestions … you get the picture. At first I thought it was harmless, but eventually a nagging suspicious developed, tugging at my gut. I didn’t want to mention anything outright and sound like the jealous over-protective husband, thus I devised a plan.

Several nights ago, after a long seven hour raiding stretch, I told my wife I needed a six pack of beer and sent her to the store to fetch it for me. I logged onto her computer and did a search of her MSN conversation history. Jackpot. Their conversations had started innocently enough, but quickly progressed to more intimate topics, to include my inadequacy in bed (I was struck in the genitals with a golf ball in high school, so the fault isn’t mine, really). He offered his “assistance,” persay, and things grew from there. I saw references to their steamy sessions in Darnassus and their all night binges in Silithus — apparently she’d been getting up in the middle of the night while I slept innocently and ignorantly to carry on her indecent affairs. Worst of all, I saw pictures she had sent him, and pictures he had sent her. No, that’s not the worst part. The worst part was that he was hung like a Clydesdale horse. I’m not kidding.

I thought about confronting her when she got home. That would be the simple thing to do — confront her and bring it out in the open, possibly ending our relationship all together and filing for a divorce. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite that simple. You see, I am next in line for the Staff of Atiesh. I have 32 out of 40 pieces. Wouldn’t it be a waste to confront my wife, because I would of course have to confront my guild leader and, most likely, would have to leave the guild to save face and all. As a result, I would be unable to complete my Staff of Atiesh.

So, Instead of confronting her, I pretended as if I knew nothing. I continued to raid — continue to raid even now, as I write this — and feign ignorance to their flirtations.

However, everytime she comments on the size of his Thunderfury or his ability to wield it so adeptly, I have to grate my teeth. It’s wearing on me slowly, an anger building, and I am afraid that soon it may very well burst. I swear that one of these days, I am going to turn around, wrap my mouse cord around her neck, and choke off her lying, cheating life.

What should I do?

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fuck you whaleeeeeee

Follow up to fuck you whale. What whimsical creatures they are.

A magnificent humpback whale — one of the world’s largest mammals — has been thrilling sightseers off the coast.

The whale was spotted off Hook Head in Wexford after it had been tracked throughout the weekend.

The mammal, which has been codenamed #HBIRL11, treated spectators to some breathtaking sights as he displayed his breaching techniques 11 times, exploding out of the water before thundering back below the surf.


I watched with amazement at tonight’s primetime program talking about the legal highs available in headshops in Ireland. They first mentioned mushrooms and then interviewed drug addicts on the street who prefer Mephedrone to Cocaine.

According to skanger Jim:

“they say they are bath salts and you put them into water but after taking it you are on a mad one ”

I investigated the claim that Mephedrone is illegal in the UK. As of the guardian on dec 5th it is not:

Martin Barnes, chief executive of Drugscope, the national drugs information charity, says “we should avoid panicky, knee-jerk responses. To respond that the law should ban [mephedrone] is a blunt instrument. The important issue is education; people need to have access to reliable information. At the moment, it is all word-of-mouth and what people read on internet chat rooms.”

As for the suppliers, the feeling appears to be that a ban is inevitable. “I think mephedrone will be made illegal within a year

The government were there too and I could’nt help but get the feeling they wheeled out this non issue at the time when lots of really bad things are happening.

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old news

I would love to see how long this would last in other places.

The IAA said the union was demanding a 6% pay hike which the industry could not afford and said air traffic controllers were already well paid, with a salary of around €115,000.

Liam Kavanagh, IAA Director of Human Resources, said: “These controllers have stopped doing work on a number of ongoing projects – work they have already been doing for the last two years.

“We cannot function effectively if controllers refuse to carry out ongoing work.”

bubbles and the aces of hearts

I have seen the ace of hearts twice in the last 3 weeks and both times the events and the outcomes were strange. I was in a Lombards bar at Christmas and I saw someone I knew playing cards. Bubbles was sitting at a table. The guys he was playing with were looking sheepish.

I was coming back from the toilet and I asked Bubbles what game they were playing. He said “forty five”. I saw the jack of hearts on top of the deck. I indirectly said “he probably has the ace”. He looked at his cards for the first time as they had just been dealt. He had the Ace of hearts. He almost squealed when he saw. It meant he could take the jack for his own hand and put a bad card back in the deck. Basically it is a big advantage.

That same coloured Ace was back again tonight at the annual work poker tournament. It would be almost meaningless except I work for an online poker company and everyone gets to play. It is like a mixture between a freeroll and a home game tournament except they pay out in cash. I was at the final table of 400.

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Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone

According to the lonely planet

The chat, the craic and the porter black remain Ireland’s best lures to draw tourists to our shores and not our new-fangled chai lattes, spas and Pilates classes, the new edition of ‘Lonely Planet Ireland’ claims.

Ironically, for a country associated with 40 shades of one colour, we are not as ‘green’ as we should be, mostly because “it’s hard to tell a nation that got wealthy a wet week ago after pissing potless for centuries that they shouldn’t buy an SUV or go on four holidays a year”.

Also in the independent:

Last November, Lonely Planet editors chose Cork as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit this year. To the resounding cry of Cork natives saying: “I told you so,” the ‘Real Capital’ was celebrated by ‘Best in Travel 2010’, which praised it as a “beguiling city” with a admirable sense of its own self-worth.

In January 2008, the LP criticised us as a nation of dirty binge drinkers with little regard for caring for our environment.

“By 3am the only culture on display is in the pools of vomit and urine that give the whole area the aroma of a sewer,” one writer complained.

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in defence of sally o’brien

Follow up to Sally O’Brien and the way she might look at you:

This topic appears to be popular, maybe it is more meaningless nostalgia.

These guys took the ad very seriously and wrote about its psychological significance:

* In Defence of Sally O’Brien
* Bill Felton and Barry Devlin
* The Crane Bag, Vol. 7, No. 2, The Forum Issue: Education/Religion/Art/Psychology (1983), pp. 202-204
(article consists of 3 pages)
* Published by: Richard Kearney
* Stable URL: <a href="“>

The Sally O’Brien phenomenom: what price a pint of lager?

post avatar depression / avatards funny until the warcraft stuff but it wouldn’t be the same without it:

I was there just thinking and crying for about 15 minutes before an usher asked me to leave. I told him I never wanted to leave and he was confused for a second. Then he said I had to go and if I wanted to see this “crappy movie” again I’d have to pay for another ticket. Well to cut to the chase it got a bit heated at that point and we ended up in a shoving match. The police officer who took me out of there didn’t seem to care either. When I told him he was a tool of an oppressive society that is destroying the world he laughed at me. Now I’ve got a charge against me for public disturbance but I don’t care. Hopefully that jerk usher got fired.

The next day I saw it at a different theater in 3d. All of a sudden the world was as real as my own. At the end I stood up and started telling the people that they were the bad guys and were killing the Na’vi everyday with their western society. I said look at Afghanistan! I got cussed out and had a soda thrown on me but I wore those like a badge of honor, I felt like a Na’vi standing against human oppression and sickness. I just wished I had a weapon at that point and could have fought like Jake did. Jake was so strong. I began to wish that I could be like a new Hitler, only instead of exterminating one race I’d do the whole human race then shoot myself at the end.

My mom always said I get too wrapped up in this stuff but she is an idiot who is just as much part of the problem as every other American. I told her when I got home and she cried but I don’t care anymore, I’m 35 and I can do what I want in my room and don’t have to take any “medicine” if I don’t want to. Did the Na’vi take pills to “get better” Did the Indians? Nope. I just wish I could stop thinking of this; it’s more than a movie. My Mom used to think I was too into WoW but that was just a game. I quit playing and told my guild wife there to just forget me. This feels real, that is just stupid now. I don’t even really want to go into work.

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Is the Irish Traveller word for Man. it comes from Irish Traveller language and found its way into slang in many area’s in Ireland especailly in Cork and Limerick. Other common Traveller words in Cork and Limerick slang are beoir – girl, feek – Kiss/Sleep with, Subla – Child,
Who’s dat Feen dere talkin to Martin, thats Micheal Mc Donagh

From Dowtchaboy – an anthology of Cork slang:

STRAWKHAULING: Method used to catch fish illegally,
usually salmon, using a line, a treble hook and a weight
There was a few fellas strawkhauling down on the Shakey

JAGGING: Going out with someone
I’m jagging at the moment.

FUNKY: Cowardly
He’s one funky hurler, that fella.

GATT: Alcohol
Who is going up to Gally’s for the gatt?

ON THE TACK: Off the drink
I’m on the tack for the Holy Souls.

CHATTY BOO: Whatchamacallit. Often used when a person
can’t remember the name of something.
You’ll have to get a chatty boo to fix that.

LANGERLOAD: Large amount
There was a langerload of people in Sidetrax last night.

WACKER: Cork corner boy/troublemaker
There’s a rake of wackers hanging out by the Five Star.

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