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fuck you

A few cases of “fuck you” in the news. The Rage Against the Machine for Christmas campaign (lyrics include “fuck you I wont do you what you tell me motherfucker” repeated 100 times).

Simon Cowell has branded the Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ to the Christmas Number One slot ahead of this year’s winner of The X Factor “stupid” and “cynical”.

Over 550,000 people have joined the Facebook group, which urges members to download ‘Killing In The Name’ on Sunday (December 13) to prevent the Christmas Number One being held by the show’s winner for the fifth year in a row.

In other news:

A Green Party backbencher apologised in the Dáil this afternoon after he told a Labour TD “fuck you” during heated exchanges on the Social Welfare Bill.

Paul Gogarty, who represents Dublin Mid West, had been challenged by Opposition TDs to vote against the Bill later this evening.

Mr Gogarty said that the Green party had succeeded in getting the size of the social welfare cuts reduced. As he continued to speak, defending his support for the Bill, he was heckled by Labour party TDs.

Turning to Labour TD Emmet Stagg, he shouted: “Fuck you, Deputy Stagg, fuck you.”

3 responses to “fuck you

  1. Taso December 16, 2009 at 2:38 am

    What about “for fuck’s sake”, stated or implied thousands of times during football matches every week. Oh those poor telys.

  2. atoast2toast December 16, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    Tellys? ha ha.

    Some guy made the obvious remix to the polician outburst, you have to go to 1:55 in to hear it in the only place in the song where it should be I think.

    One of the youtube comments I liked was

    “we need more people like him saying fuck you to them fat cat pricks! he should of also said to that cunt with the bell, FUCK YOU AND YOUR GAY BELL, WHATS THAT BELL GONA DO? FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK YYOOOOUU!”

  3. atoast2toast January 16, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    This song starts with a “fuck you”


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