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tramp stamps


“Tramp Stamp” is a derogatory term referring to a tattoo which a women places on her lower back. It is especially popular among women born in the late 70’s, 80‘s, and even early 90’s. Fair or unfair, these tattoos have a socially constructed connotation associated with them. These women are labeled as tramps, whores, or other derogatory sexually promiscuous terms. Although these are often bias generalized claims, there have been sociological studies done by the American Psychological Association, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and other demographic researchers showing strong correlative evidence associating tattoos with high risk behavior, illegal substance abuse and sexual promiscuity. These risk factors are greatest in the age range which these types of tattoos are gaining main stream popularity. Some have also jokingly stated that by 2050, the “tramp stamp” will be renamed the “gramp stamp”.

Apparently it comes from porn stars wanting to be identifiable on film.

A warning for men:

unless you are an openly gay male, I would highly advise against getting a tramp stamp as you will be presumed gay, no matter your sexual orientation and may become offended to the point of physical violence. Generally a non-bisexual male will only have tattoos on their lower back if they have an entire back piece that extends all the way down.

Some people on flickr want to call it a fag tag.

2 responses to “tramp stamps

  1. feensham August 20, 2009 at 5:41 am

    is the toast gettin inked?

  2. anfie August 20, 2009 at 9:39 am

    I think a fag tag would really suit him.


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