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eyes wide sin

At the outset it sounds like the movie “eyes wide shut” however at 76 euros a ticket is less exclusive. Some of the guests stayed at a travelodge.


NESTLED in the rolling countryside, Halswell House is the sort of quintessentially English retreat that would make an ideal backdrop for a romantic period drama. It is also a perfect venue if you happen to be a member of a shady European party circle which indulges in the very un-English pastime of mass orgies.

Last weekend, employees at the 17th-century manor house, which is accustomed to hosting corporate dos and chocolate-box weddings for well-heeled clients, were left speechless when 350 masked guests stripped off at the stroke of midnight and engaged in group sex of bacchanalian proportions.

According to those who witnessed the spectacle in Somerset, south-west England, security guards gave up trying to persuade copulating couples to go to their rooms because almost every guest at the party was “otherwise engaged” with a fellow reveller.

The 30-room house was hired out for £9,000 (€10,509) to a Dutch company who planned to host a private party, charging guests £65 (€76) a ticket. It is understood the party, known as an “Eyes Wide Sin” party, was hosted by Little Sins — a Dutch company which specialises in throwing luxury swingers’ parties.

Hotel owner Grahame Bond said he had no inkling that an orgy had been planned.

The revellers did, however, call it a night at 3am.

“Most of them stayed in the hotel but there were a few who stayed at the nearby Travelodge,” said Mr Bond. (©

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