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for the love of christ

100k on the spot fine for blasphemy, I wonder if this applies to people who mock Satan ?

I nearly made a jesus from some green beans and a strawberry and was going to pop it in a jar of brine. The time has passed so I am going to buy a slayer t-shirt.


My friend likes piss christ:

This guy says it better than anyone could:

a tribute to rudi voller

what a moustache, how did a guy like this get on a national football team, surely he would be better suited to porn


ladder to heaven, nine eleven

I like the sun’s headline “scare force one”.


President Obama blamed a mistake yesterday for a terror scare caused by an Air Force One plane flying low over New York, followed by a jet fighter, for a White House photo opportunity.

Thousands of terrified office workers evacuated buildings in the city’s financial district as the presidential Boeing 747 and pursuing F16 swooped low on Monday past the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre.

The blue-and-white aircraft, with The United States of America emblazoned on its side, circled the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour at an altitude as low as 500ft before flying off over Manhattan.

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you have the right to remain WRONG

The only consolation is that they probably have no clue how to use the equipment.

This week the Department of Justice published a Surveillance Bill which, if enacted, will allow Gardaí to break into private property to place covert video cameras and audio bugs, to plant tracking devices on cars and to use evidence gathered in this way in criminal prosecutions. The Bill – which was already on the legislative programme but was rushed forward after the murders in Limerick of Shane Geoghegan and Roy Collins – is intended to place existing Garda practices on a statutory basis in line with Ireland’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.

blasphemous libel

It looks like the neo-cons have taken over Ireland. I might add “waterboarding” as a hobby on my cv.

A NEW crime of blasphemous libel is to be proposed by the Minister for Justice in an amendment to the Defamation Bill, which will be discussed by the Oireachtas committee on justice today.

At the moment there is no crime of blasphemy on the statute books, though it is prohibited by the Constitution.

Article 40 of the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of speech, qualifies it by stating: “The State shall endeavour to ensure that organs of public opinion, such as the radio, the press, the cinema, while preserving their rightful liberty of expression, including criticism of Government policy, shall not be used to undermine public order or morality or the authority of the State.

“The publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent material is an offence which shall be punishable in accordance with law.”

his name is robert paulson

There would really be no room for a fight club style project mayhem in Ireland. The place is as close to madness as we can get it. Maybe if people would gang together and expedite the setting up of broadband or cable tv or get stuff delivered it could work. Now, where is my mind?

"I used to be a Juicer"

damage inc.

I got on la Luas on Friday night and two of the security guards with Kevlar vests on were at door of the same carriage. We stood beside them and I said to the one next to me “excuse me, do you mind me asking why you are on the train”. He looked like Wanderlei Silva and did’nt want to answer me.

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ex-garda videos gardai

A CRUSADING former garda determined to highlight speed traps designed to “shoot fish in a barrel” said he was harassed by gardaí who demanded his video camera and driving licence.

Pensioner Frank Cullinane (68) – who served as a garda in Dublin for 30 years and now runs the Glasnevin School of Motoring with his wife – said he was angered by gardaí who parked their infamous gatso van beside a dual carriageway with a 50km speed limit.

The driving instructor decided to video the speed trap to prove his point to senior gardaí, but said he was told he needed permission to do so, even though it was on a public road.

“It’s absolutely terrible. I saw loads of people getting caught,” he told the Sunday Tribune after the incident nine days ago.

“It’s totally unacceptable. I think it’s a quota system and I think they are short.”
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Santa Fe Style

The Irish guy who manages or owns the launderette I go to caught me checking out the girl behind the counter, he saw me stare at her ass a few weeks ago. When I went back in there last night he was using a pc and was reading about Romania on wikipedia. I was pretty happy that the cute Hungarian girl had kept her promise to wash and dry my clothes in a few hours (after I complimented her on her new hairdo).

My happiness got his attention and he looked at me for a sec. I think she was expecting me to ask her out and I would have only the place was full and I felt like I was being watched. I think he stole one of my sheets and he is welcome to it as he will die trying. You can only get them in Santa Fe as the thread count is quite high, lucky I have better ones at home.

naked noodles

I went to the gym last night just to use the sauna and steam room. The downstairs dressing room is like an old boys tennis club sometimes. As I walked down the hall to the dressing room I met a lady at the door. She asked me to see if there was a man with a beard and glasses inside as he had left his shorts in the car, his name was Joe. I went inside and left them down on a bench. As I was getting changed he appeared and found his property. I said “that must be Joe” and he started to thank me and offered me some money he had found on the ground as a reward. I said “no thanks, its your lucky day today, twice”. He said he really wanted to avoid going for a swim. I was wondering if I had stumbled on the naked male prostitution side of the club but I hadn’t seen anything yet.

I went to use the sauna anyway and the place was pretty quiet. As I was taking a breather I heard Joe telling someone about the pharmaceuticals he had invented way back and it seemed to tie in with his general demeanour. I had a short conversation with an Irish gent in the steam room and left unharrowed.
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