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Monthly Archives: March 2009

a fistful of hair

My landlady’s rotund farmer husband is trying to fuck me over to pay for sofa. He claims it was bought new from Belgium when I took the apartment. I told him “I have paid you over 40000 in rent and this is the way you treat me”, I also said “I owed you 2000 for bills and you only had a deposit of 1200, I should have just left and said nothing and there was no lease so you would have had no comeback, but that’s not the way I do things”.
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potatoes to porsches

The Celtic tiger that transformed a beer-soaked backwater into the envy of every small nation with a thirst for a makeover is dead, and its cubs are looking to emigrate because they see no future

Sitting at the bar of the Residence private members’ club, O’Keeffe, now the editor of Irish Entrepreneur, says: “I left a godly land of broke but merry alcoholics and came back to a place where people who used to dig potatoes were buying luxury apartments sight-unseen and driving Porsches”.

there is good sashimi in dublin!

the yo-thai in donnybrook is a life saver, except for the skangers on a hen night looking for “cocktails” to wit “sex on the beach”, they ordered “pink wine” and were disappointed when the waiter didn’t have any Satzenbrau.


He also did’nt have any Kirins but he will the next time. I hope he at least knows to get the white ones.

reprecussions of a badly planned suicide

A young boy on a piebald pony rode alongside the funeral cortege, while a photograph of Mr Collopy with his horse was placed beside his casket in the church.

A Toyota pick-up truck draped in a Tricolour and filled with floral arrangements led the funeral cortege. A stuffed pheasant and dozens of flower arrangements including one in the shape of a horse’s head was placed on the roof of the truck.

During the funeral Mass, Declan Sheehy spoke of Philip Collopy’s love of “horses, goats and chickens” and said he would never get over the death of his best friend. “Obviously his family are heartbroken and will never get over it. I’m his best pal and I know I’ll never get over it. I’ll never forget you, Phil,” he said.

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witchhunt modern day

“Justice spokesman Charlie Flanagan said it was a “shocking overreaction” for officers to demand that Today FM surrender emails relating to the prank and was a menace to freedom of expression. Mr Flanagan condemned the Garda action as an appalling waste of resources: “I am shocked at the approach taken by the Government and the gardaí in relation to this issue.

“At a time when the majority of gangland murders remain unsolved, to have gardaí spending their time investigating what amounted to a practical joke that offended the Taoiseach’s ego is a scandalous waste of resources.

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the gift that keeps giving

Gas bill for previous tenant 1255.35 euros. I called Bord Gais in Kerry and eventually found out that I have a different account number but they didn’t tell me yet so it isn’t my problem.

I called the letting agent and I realised that with irish phone systems “please hold” really means “dont hold because this system will hang up on you soon”

secret land deal

guy with dodgy money and political links borrows 11 million but cant pay his phone bill … stomach turning

Mr Killally said the couple, who borrowed almost €11m to buy various properties, had had their mobile phones cut off because they could not pay their bills. He has had to borrow €40,000 from his own family and borrowed up to €80,000 from his wife’s parents because his business has collapsed.–to-run-my-home-says-tearful-poll-ally-of-cowen-1684806.html

naked shit

taking the piss

I told the management company that there is no point in me having the bedroom with an ensuite. The shower is still broken and if the neighbours use a tap or god forbid take a piss late at night then it vibrates all the way down the chalk wall. We seem to have come to an unspoken agreement where there is no late night or early morning peeing.

Someone else who takes the piss was seen last night; my nemesis, in the sauna at the gym. He is the 50 something north side goatee guy who walks through everyone and talks endless about the boom and bust that he should be lucky to be part of. He is an ignorant sham and is only there to talk to his 2 friends and annoy everyone else. One of them wears prescription goggles in the sauna like aqua boy.
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cargo cult ireland

From time to time, the term “cargo cult” is invoked as an English language idiom to mean any group of people who imitate the superficial exterior of a process or system without having any understanding of the underlying substance.


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